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Best word game I have ever played on a mobile device. Used to play Ruzzle and Word Streak with Friends (formerly Scramble) but now only play this because of the format - instead of a match against someone else, there is a round that goes off every 3 minutes so no waiting on others, and there are no cheesy money-making gimmicks that let players buy better scores and ruin the integrity of the game. Absolutely love this game! Go well

I have been playing this game for a good few years and its still one of my favourites. Just wish that I could play it on my iPad. Its a fantastic game. January. 2018 Update: STILL GREAT! Seriously a game I continue to love. I just wish I could play it on my iPad. I do wonder about some of the words sometimes and question on whether its real or not. But as always I love this game. Marvelous

i love Boggle...and this is as close to it as u can get!!! awesome game however the leveling up is frustrating. i got bumped down a grade and its seeming to take FOREVER to get my average back up. The higher levels have such more interesting words and is way more fun...wish gold level had more diverse groupings. Omg

Always world competition. A think fast, spell fast, finger fast game. You'll always be saying "just one more game!" Be warned though, many colloquial words are not recognized and many non words are and The Scrabble Players Dictionary doesn't apply here. Great for insomniacs. Ridiculous that many common words aren't recognized and take your chances on foreign words used in our language. Amazing!

Love this game. Not advert driven and not about luck but I'm sure I'm not the first to suspect that there are people cheating here which is a bit disappointing. I play anyway and just disregard those scores that we all know just can't be real. Good

This game is one of the most addicting games I've ever played for this amount of time without getting bored. If you like word games, this one is a great challenge. Brilliant

A very nice game. It pushes you past your limits and spurs on to strive towards getting better.... Superb!

Great and addictive game. But don't waste your money on the ad-free version. I have paid twice and the ads don't go away. The developer blamed Google but that's no help. Works perfectly

I've been playing this for years and up until the last month or so, I loved it. Seems like the scoring has been changed somehow so that one gets fewer points for the number and length of words vs. previously. I now often find the game frustrating rather than fun. Also, many times recently the screen is not responsive to my touch which also happening to a friend who plays. This is very frustrating. Good

Play it all the time,it's very addictive.This & country escapes are the only games I hav'nt ended up deleting.There's an occasional glitch but it sorts itself out if you give it time.Would like to be able to like taglines. love it

Absolutely love this game! It's challenging, you play against yourself AND others, and there's no penalty for being wrong. It's the best word game out there, and I keep an old android phone around on WiFi just to play this game because the game isn't programmed in Swift so my iPhone doesn't have it. Worth a go!

Some folks like music and want to be a Guitar Hero. Other folks like fight action and dream of being a Super Hero. I love linguistic games and prefer to be a Word Hero! Just wow

Love this game. Very addictive, but has been getting more difficult to open, today will not at all.There are no updates pending for me. Please fix. 5 star

Great way to pass the time. Lots of fun, it's addictive and there's good competition from the other players. Must have

I think that after the last update the game began crashing. For example, today I have been trying to play for the last 45 minutes, however the game has crashed 8 times now in that 45 minutes. Prior to the update my game crashed a total of ZERO times since downloading it. What do you think that the problem is and where do you think it stems from,?? (that's not a serious question) wow!!! And I had just deleted Boggle after deciding that of the two games, I actually enjoyed Wordhero more. Please hurry with the new fix me up update UPDATE I have returned to a five star rating, justly deserved, after the constant crashing stopped. Thanks so much, back to enjoying a dynamite game, Great stuff!!! Must have

Used to be a brilliant game always gave it 5 stars. But since you have started to refuse to allow anti Trump comments on the tag lines you've lost my support. You allow any other type of taglines there's even ones using foul language. I wonder where the profit goes from your app ? Trump only knows !! Fabulous!

I love it but from last week everynight at 2:00 Am indian standard time I have play a single game thrice obly way is to switch user then dissconect to the net abd after reconnection it sometimes works and sometimes not please fix it Flawless

I'm so addicted to this game! It's great for word fiends, and my vocab has improved. 5 star

This is a perfect game! [And no, I'm not Sven's mom]. It's beautifully designed and runs well, and I'd much rather see a bunch of words I've never heard of than to have words I know to be words not be accepted, as happens in lots of word games I've played. And, as to complaints about censoring, it's interesting that there are people claiming that the game dev is both pro- and anti-Trump. Lol. Recommend

This game is very addictive. I'd be nice to have a game mode without having to be online or seeing how you rank. I don't like that this game has become a center where people just use the tag lines to try and impose their religious or political views on others. There is so much more hate than community in this game. Awesome

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