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Gives my grey matter a workout. Especially like the Wordometer in my version - makes you feel you're getting somewhere even if you can't solve the main puzzle at that moment, plus my 8 year old can still join in with me finding the smaller words Great job

I used to have the daily quiz and the hint bar and now I don't have any of them... I've tried uninstalling and installing it again but it's not working... If you could fix this it would be great! Great job

Bah, you should get points for all the words you get right. It also wouldn't hurt to provide a small hint as to the theme which we have no way of knowing. Awesome

Fun game once levels become challenging. The spins and watching videos is disappointing because it takes time and doesn't seats earn you a hint. Perfect

The game starts off easy and builds to quite challenging. It appears simple but don't let the simplistic look fool you; this game is mentally engaging. Love it wow lol

*Edit#3: My progress has been restored. A great response from the devs. While I really appreciate this, the Facebook as only way to save progress remains. Yes, some other games are the same. So be better! Edit#2: Got a response and ad free status is fixed. Thank you. Still not happy with being forced to use Facebook - I won't do this so may lose progress again. Edit#1: Forced to change phones. Not a Facebook user. Lost all progress (in off world levels) and no response from devs. That sucks! End edit.* Good fun so paid for it and feel there are far too many "do this for stars" popups in the paid version. They're a pain and diminish the enjoyment. Flawless

My husband has this game but he has the chance to get more hints with the bar giving points for words made throughout the game. This started when the game gets a bit harder. I DON'T HAVE THAT & OTHER THINGS. Just wow

I like this game because it makes me think, but not so much that I get frustrated. wow lol

Good - but aimed at US market, who knew "lexion" : a combine harvester built in Omaha Awesome

I love this game but I can not stand the fortune teller thing and the dictionary one when you spin the wheel. I personally think that they are useless and unnecessary. Awesome

It's fun and easy to learn. The farther you get the more complicated the puzzles get. wow lol

Easy, at first! It definitely works the little grey cells. TIP: Try not to use your hints as it takes a while to work them back up. Great boredom buster! Pretty good

Tis a great cloud of a game with the following grey lining: The further you get in (and hooked) the more prolific the ads become. Some of the words don't exist. I'm in the top 0.03% and was looking forward to completing the entire game with 5 planets (150 screens) to go. However, I noticed today that 5 more planets have been added (no doubt due to a recent update). If extra planets are perpetually added, then it won't be possible to finish Word Trek - this is important to know if you intend to reach a triumphant conclusion. PS: 'Biscotti' is an Italian biscuit containing nuts. Works great

This game makes me really think and challenges my brain. Good for my old person brain Works perfectly

I'm on fifth level and it's so hard with 3 crossword pule letters but it is so funny!! 1! 1! 1!! 1!!! 1! Great!

Very easy.but also will get brain teasing later..great fun ..passes the time.also takes your mind off of everyday trivialities. Superb!

A fun game. Would be better if the word pairs were phrases. Often the pair is a random two words. Enjoy it!

I love this mind game but can not open my mail Icon and can not open the accept box for some reason . Went in to the Force Stop setting see if that would help , it did not any Ideals how to open these to things. Playing for over a year now and this is the first issue I had with is game. Recommend

Great engaging game..makes you feel good...gradual level keep enthusiasm in place Omg

I enjoy word games. I deleted it in error now I have to start from the beginning . Works great

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