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Es buena app, pero tiene un número de plantillas limitadas, de hecho muy pocas. Por otra parte no trabajan correctamente los caracteres especiales como las tildes y otros símbolos de acentuación generando espacios en las palabras que se agregan en la plantilla. Works great

Very cool. I got the idea from Parks and Recreation and you guys made it possible for me to try it. Awesome app. Recommend

Its a good app but you have to PAY for the good one likes when theres in-app puchases that they dont know about. Perfect

Want to use but... Very limited and expensive for something you could use a few times... Hopefully will have a sale at some time.. Works great

I know I'm asking for a lot, but can I specify weightage of words? Best, if you can scan my text file and cloud it. Worth it!

Awesome app! Here are couple of ideas to make it even better :)) It would be great to have number shapes as well. It could be useful for gift ideas for birthday people :)) For example, let's say someone turned x years old. You write down all the nice things about that person, choose the number shape and voila - the app does the magic! You can use the result as a print for anything (e.g. personal mugs, t-shirts, gift cards, etc. Up to your imagination) One more idea: have something like weights or importance levels for words which you may want to emphasize, centralize, make bigger, bolder, etc. It would be a nice addition as well. Just wow

Really great app! I would like an option to be able to have words shaped into a shape, not all in the centre of a shape, just around the edges :) Worth a go!

So far only one really big complaint. Needs to be a way to create lists. Having to create a list each time is time consuming. Wish I could save my family lists… I have three different lists for three different sets of family. What if its an event, then something fun, etc. Create a way to save lists and I can rate it higher. 5 star

Awesome app to work with. Need some improvements and should add some tutorials so that new user can easily learn Thanks for this wonderful app. Worth a go!

It is really a Greaaaaat app. Love it like anything. Great effort. Great idea... Pretty good

Awesome.. I love it... Everything is superb..high Quality.. Stylish fonts.. Shapes..!! Well done!!

Superb app, very greatest app.... very valuable app. ❤️ #Plz give quality option. Ex :-low,medium,high,HD wow lol

Generally I DOnt rate apps, i am. here means its worth it, great work developers Perfect!

I love it because it gives you inspired thought's and good thing to think about when your having a bad day. Cool

The word colour editing can be allowed to edit on each individual word to personalize our idea Works great

Fun App, but not greatly impressed. Font is too faint. Would really like to be able to save groups of words, and emphasise favourite words. Navigating through App could do with more Back arrows. wow lol

Easy to use and full of fun.we write whatever we want and can select different kind of amazing shapes.we create make any it Flawless

Very very nice plz remove❤ boder line Plz add this symbol Go well

I am loving this app. So many colours,shape,and you can also put your own word with emojis !! Muito bom!

Beautiful app to create impressive arts with words Marvelous

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