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Not bad? But it's hard to find a new word that's why I keep pressing the hint to give me some first letter of the word but im doing my best to find a new word Good

I only play 2 games on my phone and WORD CONNECT is the one i spend the most time playing. I LIVE this game! Cool

Would rate more if you could hide the hint buttons I keep accidentally hitting them whilst holding my phone and using up my coins unnecessarily Fabulous!

To be honest you really should allow the daily bonuses to go into the triple digits, its not randomised, this being because my bonus never goes over 100 coins Just wow

Very fun brain teaser game. Ads are a bit annoying but the games free so can't compain Worth a go!

It makes you think and want to learn the definition of some words that we don't typically use in our everyday vocabulary. Perfect

Simple yet addictive..the interface is user friendly..a bit heavy on system usage but that's what all games do..some words can be funny or maybe that's because i ain't rich with words Awesome

Its complicated as the level increases but it educates us about new words that we never knew existed.its a very marvelous and addictive game ever. Perfect!

A fun game to play to pass time. Not too challenging but every once and awhile it does make you think. The only think I don't like is when you find a word that they won't count for points. Other than that no complaints. Well done!!

Not bad. Uses some pretty obscure words and doesn't give you bonus for a lot of what should be bonus words. Hard to earn coins because of this as you earn very few from solving the puzzles. Clues are expensive for the reason. TIP! TURN OFF YOUR WIFI WHILE PLAYING AND YOU CAN AVOID THE CONSTANT ADS. Highly Recommend.

Two things which needs to be corrected. If the game is played in silent mode then ads should also be silent. Second, it is not possible to check the meaning of the last word because the level ends as soon as you discover the last word. Recommend

Good game for getting your brain to think and to think quickly before someone else guesses for you. And it's good game for the whole family to play... Like it a lot very addictive but fun to play... Good

Fun and simple use of the back arrow takes care of the adds. Dobt have to watch them. Those who complain are just haters Great job

Its so fun and addicting. When you are bored or just need to pass time, this makes you forget about what you were doung for a little while. 5 star

It bribes you to give it a good rating. There are words in here that I'm not 100% sure are actual words and the hints are way too expensive and it costs a lot for the coins. It's an addictive game though. Flawless

I like this game because it graphics it game play all the things are very good and the main thing is that it is a brain game and everyone love mind game Marvelous

I get to level 167, and it freezes everytime, yes I have reinstalled same issue. Brilliant

If the clue buttons could be moved above the puzzle instead of right beside the letters, would be great... that way I don't go through my coins everytime my dog bumps my hand. Thanks Amazing!

The game is pretty addictive. I played through 56 levels in one night Enjoy it!

I really addict of this game . But little problem it cost too much coins for using hints.. Perfect!

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