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Really bad with Finnish words. Doesn't know words like 'jo' or 'kulu'. Better with English, but that isn't my native language so it's harder. Muito bom!

ВТФ!? "Самият" каква дума е!? Не е реално просто... Fabulous!

Super leuk!!! Nu heb ik eindelijk iets nuttigs te doen in mijn leven!!! Zo zinvol!! Want ik ben skeer en ik kan hierdoor niet naar school en dit is een super goede remedie! Shout out naar de makers kus kus kus Jochen Bernard Great!

That's so good game for fun xd it's start your brain and it's good game for test your ability and your friends Pretty good

Too many ads. After every level in a foreign language, i get at least 1 ad. And its annoying. Awesome

Addicted to word puzzles? This game is a perfect tool to tickle your brain. Very nice! Worth a go!

Many words are not in the database, even are more dificult than present ones. To high the price for one hint. To less the amount of points after finishing a level. Works great

Mu aunt came to visit and showed us this game asking to help het to guess some of those words, after all we all gathered half day around her phone. It vas fun. Works great

The one thing I find a bit frustrating is that more than one word fits the description and you have to keep trying until you find the specific one that fits the level. Recommend

Great game. Pretty graphics. Very simple and easy to use. Great time killer and keeps your brain active. Esp. if english is not your native language. Love it. Worth a go!

I'd give 5* if you accepted all correct words. It's frustrating when there's so many accurate words but they aren't accepted. Especially when practicing foreign languages. It would be fantastic to play w/friends as well. I love that I can change the language to other languages I speak/write/study but as I said it's not as much fun when you have not accept words you want it to be. I will give 5 stars & post on all my social media accounts for ppl to play if you can please change that. Thanks! Worth a go!

It's really good.. it's good for your brain and when you're bored at work or have free time at school just play this game... i'm on my break @work now and me and my colleges are playing thia game on our phone. #fun Highly Recommend.

Words are challenging, but the ads get annoying. It also crashes every now and then. Brilliant

Хубава игра кара ме да мисля.Продължавайте!!!! Fabulous!

Toimii hyvin. Kielen saa helposti vaihdettua riippumatta puhelimen kieliasetuksista. Muito bom!

Like the fact you can have your own language and not just English. Haven't played much but so far seams OK. Flawless

So far so good. Not on a difficult level yet so dont know if there are things i dont like yet. It doesnt get stuck orso. So its still good Not bad

Is bad that the game accept only some defined words not all of them that you can compose by the letters that you have. Great job

I tried opening didnt work i tried 47 times and i had to delete the game then intstall again to play this could be better Good

I enjoy playing ,but this when you find the word,it will leave off a letter,then you have to go back to it,it really works my nerves,to keep having to back track,,,,, but anyway,I'll be back!!! Good

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