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ávanabindandi leikur en mjög skemmtilegur, hints mætti vera aðeins ódýrara svo facebookið hjá manni fyllist ekki Must have

There are so many words in Icelandic that make no sense. For example Síta is not a word it is a female name. I think you the creators of this game need to step it up a bit! Highly Recommend.

Would like it to be open to more legit words you can find with the available letters. Works perfectly

Made out of too few Icelandic words. I try out at least 5 normal words before I stumble on choosing the one they are looking for, very annoying. Creator, PLEASE CONNECT THE GAME TO A DICTIONARY. Brilliant

Icelandic version is very incomplete and many available word not being asked for or given any hidden word bonuses Worth a go!

I think this is a fun game to play to pass time especially when you're at a place where you know you'll go bored easily Fantastic

Uses an incredible amount of resources. The ads are so intrusive that spoil the gameplay totally Enjoy it!

I lovee thiss itss littt Good

A fun game. Hints are a bit too expensive in my view, but otherwise fun to distract for a little bit. Satisfying when you finally get the word right Fantastic

Free coins, I'm a cheap person. Actually there is a saying in my language: I'm not gay but 20 bucks are still 10 bucks. wow lol

I love it Its really fun To play Btw use lucky patcher ro remove The adds there so annoying Well done!!

Testing it in Finnish is frustrating since it only uses few words and some of them make no sense. love it

A bit too simple to be stimulating. And there are no "extra words" claimed that I found. Great job

The amount of full screen ads is beyond ridiculous! As for the game, it could have a lot more levels if it would accept all words. Now it accepts only the ones it wants. For example, a four-letter word from letters LAESH. It won't take heal, lash, hale nor sale, but only seal, even though the others too are proper four-letter words from those letters. Cool

Awsome! Our whole family from kids to grandparents we all are playing it like crazy Worth it!

It's fabulous the ads are a bit annoying but the game is just relaxing I love it Great!

It's fun and keeps me busy... I'm 41 yrs old and my kids 12 and 7 are also in love with the game Works great

Would've been great but sometimes there are words that are expected and words that are ignored for certain levels Omg

It must recognise all the words in the dictionary otherwise it is not a fair gameplay. Works great

Mostly fun, but the game doesn't recog ize common words at times, which is irritating... Worth it!

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