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Lithuanian language hmmm per dauk kartojasi zodziai negauni laiku monetu ,nei karto per visa zaidima neisukau 300 monetu ,perejau per pusantro menesio,internete atsakymai visiskai ne tokir Great!

Okay app, would have given more points but waaaay too many adds. After each level an add pops up which is very annoying. love it

na hrvatskom izbacuje riječi koje ne postoje.. inače ideja igre je fora samo bi trebalo svaki jezik posebno obraditi. Good

Slatka i zabavna igra, ali trebalo bi poraditi na tome da se ne moraju međusobno vezati slova već da je dovoljno samo kliknuti na slova redoslijedom kojim idu u riječi Highly Recommend.

If it have traslaitoin in English it will be the good play ..SOMETIMES we visit New interesting words in Finnish Works great

Fun way time kill time and i like how you can play the English version for how long you like then if you switch languages you start again in that language Enjoy it!

I just rated this for the 160 coins I think yep..but still addictive game to play.. Omg

Many words are missing in the Icelandic version. We would be great if the words were in alphabetical order. Otherwise a fun game. Flawless

Love the game but wayyy to many advertisements ( although i get that they pay for the game ) Muito bom!

Some words are weird on Croatian language, i thing those doesn't exist as words in language...but game is ok anyway ;) Worth it!

Helps me with my Icelandic. Have moved away from Iceland and almost only speak English now. wow lol

Croatian version is overstacked with typos and grammatically irregular words, sometimes irritatingly frequent. Review and redo the translation, please. Works perfectly

It's a fun game for all ages :) Icelandic version has some misspellings such as questions like "do you want more points"... (don't remember the exact words). In Icelandic it says "langar/vantar þér" instead of "langar/vantar þig".. which is a very bad (but unfortunately common) error to make in Icelandic.. :( Recommend

Ætti að vera hægt að fá auka peninga fyrir íslensku orðin sem eru til en er ekki verið að biðja um. Annars mjög skemmtilegur leikur :) Superb!

Its fun. Good way to pass time. Plus you learn and discover new words sometimes. But the commercials couls be less as with any game or app. Hints are a bit to pricey in my opinion. Muito bom!

Too many ads and you don't get points for getting extra words that aren't on the board. Surprisingly

They're looking for specific words. With the letters E L O and R, LORE was not an acceptable word Cool

Good game, and if you stop your wi fi or data connection, then you don't have any problems with those stupid ads Enjoy it!

Няма голямо разнообразие на думи. Няма и нови думи употеребявани в ежедневието. Marvelous

Like playing word games and this one seem to hold its own amongst the many word games at the moment. Well done!!

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