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this game is a wonderful time killer, But time killing isnt good when you write your homework! Not bad

Забавна, но защо й е ограничен речникът на думи. Възможни са толкова други. Perfect!

I wish you would accept all the words that can be formed with the letters. Not only a specific one... Marvelous

It's a good addictive game... and when u get stuck just get a brake and try later !! Nice game for almost everybody Muito bom!

Not to bad for a first timer. Alot of adds though. Just wish you could some way slow them down a bit ugh. love it

прекалено много реклами, някои думи дори ги няма в речника. Marvelous

Ok game with potential. Uninstalling because of frustation. Game wants a specific word, would be better if it accepted any legit word. Example: it wanted steak, and would not accept stake or skate. Works great

Really great fun and all. Nothing too fancy but really entertaining. Some words are a bit odd but make sense as soon as you find it. Great job from developers love it

I always chose word games to spend my resting time keeping my brain always active. Works perfectly

Controla are not real comfy and the vocabulary us poor. It is often not accepting many exsisting words in Bulgarian Just wow

Супер яка игра,научава те на нови и непознати неща също така и на нови думи Fantastic

Nice game shame a hint costs money, and you can only watch 3 videos a day to earn coins, and that doesn't even come close to giving you a hint, non obtrusive ads, I'm enjoying playing, but wish 3 videos were enough to get a hint, giving you one free hint per day, maybe something the developer could think about, to help prevent new players losing interest in the game :) Great job

Great time waster. The good thing is that if you get bored of a language you can switch to another one Muito bom!

I'm Bulgarian. Some words are weird and not the first that would come to mind, but still correct. You use lots of pronouns, while there could be "real" two-letter words. Otherwise it's great! Highly Recommend.

I do like it, but some of the words are weird and at the same time there is a words that they aren't included and they make more sense. Well done!!

The only thing i didn't like about this game is that there are plenty of words to be written with a specific set of letters, but only 3 or 4 are allowed... and so the big guessing begins.which is a bit frustrating. Especially to find 2 or more 5letter long words that are not in the slots. Omg

Great, just sometimes there are like 10 wrong words that fit and it's not fair :D Works great

OK, but not very fascinating, sometimes words are stupid. Both Bulgarian and English. Fabulous!

The game is engaging, intriguing an entertaining. Bulgarian interface does not suffer from severe translation errors, but game dictionary in Bulgarian is pretty poor Marvelous

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