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Dis game is very good and guys download dis game . Because . If you want now it aks me ? Worth a go!

It improves volcabulary and its nice but it coukd use a little bit more work on the rewards like maybe getting a snack after level ups and storing those snacks xD Not bad

U srpskom jeziku ima hrvatskih reci. Dosta troši bateriju. Preterali sa reklamama. Works perfectly

OMG IT AMAZING Like ur at school and the ring bells and then I wanna play a quick game : I play this game Go well

Too many ads every level i play it an ads or 2 y so many ads anyway i am deleting it way too many ads I can't even enjoy the game so good.... it make me feel like say bad words to u guys it so awful OMG..... try and do something about these ads it getting me on my last nerves stwwww Great job

E brt meni se ova igrica svidja samo sto sam glup ko kurac i nmg da predjem prvi lvl Superb!

This is a fun game tooo play whale waiting for my moma tooo come home or if I can't sleep... Recommend

Ma odlicno je sve cestitke,jedino me zivcira kad stave rijec koja ne postoji...ali nema veze... Enjoy it!

A good idea overall...but.. in Croatian language to many non existing words..Ads are so annoying that I wanted to uninstall game couple of times but finally I kept it. Please review and update database of words you have and reduce amount of ads...and than you will get five stars from me.. Cool

Fun and easy to play but you really need to think on some levels! Very good that there is an ad-free version you can purchase, but would be even better if you could purchase the whole game with a fixed price! Not bad

Great game! Challenging now and then and quite usefull for a non-native speaker like me love it

Excelent game, but I think that I found something which is not necessarily a bug, but it might be a design flaw. I am playing in eng. lang. and if I need to enter 2 similar words, in my case these were "oar" and "boar", application recognized later, longer word first, even if i entered "oar" first, but system rejected it as incorrect one... Fantastic

It a very nice game There aren't any lot of adds with is very good and it helps me wow lol

Fine game but too many ads. Ads are irritating and so frequent that i'll probably cease to play. Recommend

Ok game. Some weird words in Croatian, but mostly OK. Some adds but not to many. Recommend

It's really interesting relaxing your brain descovering some words from few messed up letters ... wow lol

Addictive and interesting game, but with tooo many adds. Some words are mixed between languages, bos-hrv-srp, that should be cleard. Awesome

Hästi läbimõeldud sõnade valik, tänu millele on mängimine nauditav. Sobib nii algklassilapsele kui ka täiskasvanule. Must have

good idea just bothers me that it doesnt take other real words from letter but you have to fins The one that they want Just wow

I love the game. But in my language, Lj is one letter just like Nj, and in this game they r separated... Good

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