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Word Search Great! Pretty soft colors. Definitely makes you think! What I don't understand is the aiding by flashing letters To me it's distracting. Do love it!! Fantastic

Quite good Im only rendering my opinion because i was asked to by the app, regardless, I'd say this game deserves five stars, as a bored person, it's exactly what I needed. 5 star

Different & Interesting I enjoy word search games they are fun, and keep the brain challenged. Most words are found vertical, horizontal, forward/backwards. This game words are 'only' found from first letter- still vertical/horizontal/forward-- but no backwards. It took me a minute or so to adjust to game; continuing to play. Thanks Fabulous!

Nice and easy to use, but I really hate that you can't turn hints off. It barely gives you any time at all to figure it out by yourself before it's highlighting the answers. Would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that. Perfect

A great distraction I found this game while I was taking a road trip with my brother and dad. I was so bored and this is great if you are just sitting in the car but I don't want them to give me hints because it makes me feel rushed Cool

I love this app I love the random words as it keeps my attention. One problem I have though is I have ADHD and I wish I could turn the hints off. I can get all the words it just takes me a little longer to focus and it's frustrating when it just gives me the words Fantastic

Fine I'll do it So the app bugged me to the point where it was so annoying that I broke down and rated it 5 stars. It is a fun game though. Worth it!

Eh It's a word search Game it's cool but it's ridiculously easy. Can't highlight words backwards only forward. There is no way to turn off hints. What are the challenges and what do the coins do? Who knows it isn't explained. Perfect

Excellent Word Search App! I love word search apps, they actually keep your brain working! While I usually like the ones that are a bit more difficult, I do really like this app as it may be "simpler", yet it moves along at a quicker pace. Excellent for killing time when you don't want to really have to think! Recommend

Time-Filler The game is exactly as it says! The only thing I would like to see would each level becoming harder as you progress, the overall difficulty of the game is basic and simplistic! As others have mentioned; you can't highlight a word backwards! Other than that, a bright cheerful game! Just wow

Word Search Its fun but I dont get it why iys so small and easy also why do they have the whole start thing when u first get on it because it confused me... But it is still fun I would have gave it a five if those other things were fixed! Great job

Really enjoy this game. The only reason I would not rate with five stars is there is no option for turning off the hint wow lol

Love it but.... Well its weird that if I take a long time to look for a word it tells you were it is I really dont like it that much Flawless

Time killer Having a slow day at the office? Is your wife taking forever to pick out a purse? try this. Is your dr. Confused about that rash on your thigh? Well while you wait and rack up dr. Bills try this you'll love it forget about that pesky rash. Perfect!

It's ok I like that the levels get harder but it seems like at every challenge bunch it goes back to the beginning so the amount of levels is deceptive. The words also start repeating after a while too. I think I will be looking for a different word search app but this one is OK for now. Great!

Something to do when your bored The words are easy to find and I don't why, but, it's just fun. I give it a five Muito bom!

Awesome! Have time and let us compete with other players around the globe.. I will mark you 5 stars if there will be daily gifts if I came back daily.. Thanks developers Cool

Really easy and fun. I have dyslexia and these types of games are really hard, but not this one. Thank you for making this game. 5 star

I love word searh games and this one is best by far of all I have tried. Not only Free game, very limited ads! Who could dc ask for more?! Pretty good

Good way to pass the time It doesn't seem like it gets any more challenging as I progress through the levels. Also repeating the same words over and over again in the puzzles gets kind of annoying. I need to feel like I'm making progress in something. So....this is just a good game to keep me busy in my downtime at work. That's all. Pretty good

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