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Cute game. Wish it had a timed option where you go against people to see who gets the most words in a short period of time. Just wow

Fun and challenging. I would change one thing. Not have the game or words disappear as soon as the game is over. I would like to increase my vocabulary and be able to look up the words unfamiliar to me. 5 star

Awesome! Not one of the quick, boring games. This one takes enough time to make it worth it. Superb!

The banner ads are irritating, but that's minor. It's a great game to silently pass the time. I dig it. Perfect

Simple game, maybe level amateur. Little dull graphics but overall good. I'll keep playing Works perfectly

It's fun and there are plenty of words to find, HOWEVER there are very inappropriate words in here. I have had to find the words orgies, masturbate, ejaculate, and gynecology. I do not think it appropriate to have these words in what is supposed to be a fun game. Take these words out please. Fabulous!

Selecting words is very efficient. Many words. I may have smaller screen as I need to slide word list back and forth. Challenging. Enjoy. Can return to same game easily. Enjoy it!

Great job

Is challenging. But not to crazy about the game erasing itself if you stop playing and come back to it. Works great

I loved this game but lately it has been crashing alot to the point it isnt fun anymore. Not bad

It doesn't always respond and accept the word, so I'll have to try several times. It reuses the same words over and over, and they have no real theme like most wordsearches do. The colors are very distracting. Playable but not the most enjoyable. Recommend

Fun game to play. Love how I can come right back to it to finish the same puzzle or work on it when I only have a few extra minutes. love it

Nice word game because it can be played leisurely or you can strive for a "best score" and play against the clock. I love the colors. It's the only work search I will install. My 7 year old plays as well and we often look up the meaning of a word that is unfamiliar to her. It's a win-win. 5 star

Mindless entertainment. Good way to while away the time. Can have a small sense of accomplish after find all the words. Good

Since I was little I always enjoy doing this. Is like the words jump out to me especially the backwards ones. wow lol

Every time opens with new game and previous game is lost so start with new one despite you have not complete the previous one Muito bom!

This game makes the obvious hard to find. It can be any direction. You need attention and good eye contact. With a vocabulary. A+ Muito bom!

Its realy a nice game,I can't get enough of it. It helps me know a lot of spellings and helps me think fast. Thank you for making this game. Works great

Word choice is sometimes predictable, but the app is stable and enjoyable. It is a better choice compared to other word search apps I've tried. Perfect

Works great

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