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It is a okay game put to many ads pop up when you are playing the game. I just want to do the word search. Fabulous!

Excellent for all types of events, Dr. Appointments, vehicle trouble, boredom, ect... Must have

Amazing I love this game so much Not bad

It's cool, I can sharpen my brain too it will be good to, if you finaly got the words almost field you can find out the missing word puzzle by cercling the letters have left, submit the correct answer. Great!

Wow,this is very intresting This game is suberb for students . I like that very much please installed it Marvelous

Loved it I love this game because it is challenging and some of the words are mixed matched. Worth a go!

Works your brain My doctor said word games like these help exercise my brain and keep it working. love it

Fun game, very easy. Look forward to playing more and possibly having a more challenging option! Just wow

TIME KILLER I love this considering I only get TIME to myself at night when my 2 kids are in bed. I highly recommend you to download this. Brilliant

Nice Its very nice but not so very difficult...can you please update this game in difficult... please Works great

REALY LOVE IT because its nice it not like the other ones but great very great and by the way the words are easy to find ..... Just wow

Like it but No Exit button! This is frustrating....Please add an exit button and /or an option to lock the screen, if desired. Thanks Just wow

OK but not very difficult! I hope the difficulty ramps up over the usage time. Enjoy it!

Really love this game and 2 have an app that supplies that same thrill u get playing from a book! Worth it!

Best game ever I love this game because I figured out that I'm really good at doing word search's and it is not laggy like other game and there is not any ad and it is fun to play. .... Flawless

Love it Muito bom!

Love it Worth a go!

Word search It is very helpful and i can't stop loving it . IT IS CALM AND RELAXING . It refreshes my brain Superb!

SO AMAZING It's so awesome the best thing to play! But if you add music it would be PERFECT! I still love it but please just add music Marvelous

BEST APP EVER The app is so funnnnn. just 1 tiny thing, CALM MUSIC . Apart from that it's the best, and it's sooooooooo relaxing .CEEP IT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP Fantastic

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