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It was wonderful until today it was upgraded now it cuts off about every ten minutes it won't let you report the problem that section disappears. I just started playing about two weeks ago already on game 923 now it messes up. Come on with the bugs Awesome

I liked it until that stupid cat started taking my coins. I'm not paying to get them out! Great!

Too many ads and they are 30 seconds long and you can't skip them. Not good enough to pay a bunch of money to get rid of ads. Cool

I think this game is really good get to play against other people and friends and fun to play and keeps your brain ticking over Enjoy it!

It's a great game for all ages. It helps you thinkand keeps your brain from alive and thinking. Perfect

I love this game so much make more of these games and I will get them I love this game!!!!!!!!!! wow lol

I really liked the game itself, but dont know how to use all the gifts and bonuses etc. Can't find anywhere that explains it. Also, seem like I have been at the end for weeks. When will there be new puzzles? Great!

Needed something to help take my mind out of the day. Spring break you know. And I love it Worth a go!

I hate it cause I got new phone and switched everything over and it put me back to the beginning. You all suck. Highly Recommend.

I wish it wouldn't ask for a review so soon. I just started the game! So far it's been ok. Doesn't deserve a standing ovation or anything, but it's ok. Muito bom!

Over I like the game. The ads are ridiculous and they want a fortune to remove them. Enjoy it!

Recently updated my phone and the game started back over to level 1. VERY DISAPPOINTING ☹ Great job

I like this game it's not like the other word search games and I love the graphics. Amazing!

I absolutely love this game! It's lots of fun. I can play for hours without realizing it. Go well

Opens up your mind to think of words u use everyday but can't find when u play it Good

Havent finished a whole set yet but so far fun and seems to work well with my phone Just wow

Very addictive. Apparently I reached the end. I would like to start over, without losing my coins. Brilliant

Not what's shown in the ads. The ads show more of a word find game despite the name. The game itself is pretty good, but not one I'll keep. Works perfectly

Loved this but been waiting ages for new levels. If you don't add more soon then I'm unistalling forever. Highly Recommend.

Was enjoying, since update have to pay to get what I've already earned & it loads super slow! No longer enjoyable! Perfect

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