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I completed all 2101 levels and couldn't find any other similar games. I always go for the extra words prior to completing each puzzle so as to gain extra points. As for the adverts, some are slightly annoying, but I just press back on my keypad and it cancels them. Only type that can't be cancelled are the long ones. Love the game, highly addictive. Do wish that it got more difficult as you progress because the hard levels aren't really hard. Also hope thus review is read as there seems to be a standard response, is it automatic? Great job

Yes constant encouraging words and jumpy items wanting us to pick them are super irritating. But I love quickness of games. Just wish the special effects would calm down! Flawless

I like the game but have to delete it because a pop up keeps showing up on my screen and when I try to close it to continue what I am doing at the time it just opens up the game shutting down what I was working on. Completely annoying. Worth it!

This game is Awesome!!!! This Game make our brain stronger and increase our vocabulary. Whenever I get bored I always play this game. Cool

1. On level 91 and have watched over 100 ads, 2. Suitable for kids: not for adults - unless your vocabulary is limited, 3. Way too many options for plurals words (can limit that), 4. Does not accept many words, which you ll find in most dictionaries, 5. If you have the patience and English is your 2nd or 3rd language, you must totally download this game. Surprisingly

Too many adds, and every word comes with its plural also... Like "end" & "ends", that's silly. Kindly add more different words. love it

Overall its good but the main problem is with the audio from the ads. Can't play it in the office or at night due to suddenly playing weird ad audios. Perfect!

Brings memories of a game played in childhood. Simple and refreshing. Also brings to surface a lot of words that have been forgotten. Fantastic

it needs more unlockables i love it im learning new words i never thought of and i should be able to go back and see my progress its a great game i havent used a hint yet i love it good work Pretty good

The game is easy to start and gets progressively more difficult. Just turn up the brain and have fun. I do. Cool

I love this game. It helps me have less stress and energy that I didn't realize I had. This game is very addicting. Worth a go!

Very addictive. Once you start you can't stop. Don't play if you don't have the time. Enjoy it!

the game didn't looked like the ad at all.But it was fun so i enjoyed it.Please make it just like the ad because i want to see if it's worth it or not.Btw i like your game but you need to improve it a little bit. Must have

Excellent game for children very educative and memorry booster game for all age groups. Perfect

Just what I need to pass the time, nice and easy does it, just the game to keep the mind agile and you can challenge yourself to see how quickly you can solve each game ..... thanks a lot Fantastic

Love it! I tried other word games as I was continuing to play Word Cross. I sampled at least 8 other similar games while playing this one and came to the conclusion I had to download Word Cross. That's just what I done. Must have

Why doesn't this game recognize the word gay? Gay means happy and I've been using it for six and a half decades, so give it back already! When you give it back I'll give you more stars. Okay? Fantastic

My mum got this game, I always play it on her phone. So I decided to download on my tablet, and I'm ❤ing it, keep up the good work! Go well

Its good for killing time but the advertise is just really annoying every time we complete the game. No advertise i should give 5 star instead 4 star. Muito bom!

Amazing .... It is a good way to improve our spellings and also know about new words. It is a time killer too. Whenever I get time, I just play this game . Children should mostly play these types of games , to increase there Knowledge regarding words.. I just loved this game... love it

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