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Very nice game. Very good for students. The words to make, it is the best study. My daughter would not study. But Thanks to make this game. She's studing now. Only by Word Cookies.Thank-you very much.I loved this game. Awesome

This game gives me an adrenaline rush but is yet relaxing,they could have more themes love it

I think this game is amazing awsome and entertain i think that this game is great tp play when ypur stressed ar board or even when you need a challenges its easy but then it gets hard. Must have

I had this game for months, had to uninstall due to storage on my phone, & this game eats up too many megabytes. I just redownloaded the game and I have to start with tutorial. Google play should know my acoount and let me start where I stopped. Disappointed!! Cool

I'm totally addicted to word cookies, I get upset because it only gives you twenty levels on update. I guess I'll delete it and start over Perfect

I love this game! It keeps my brain busy. I accidentally uninstalled the app & had to start over but it's worth it. I also learn new words as I get farther in the game. Superb!

This game is so addicting. It makes my mind think wivh I think is a good thing. I love word cookies. Worth a go!

This game brings my whole family together. We range from 40's to 5 years. Definitely a good time! Fabulous!

Love this game, start out easy then it gets challenging, I can get lost in playing this game. Surprisingly

Well it's a cool game it has a basic goal and yea if ur more of a simple person who likes simple games this is for u Just wow

I like this game very much i can play it offline all the time this is a good game to play when you arent on wifi Amazing!

EDIT- Too slow in putting out new packs!! (otherwise, I still love it!) Love it! Need new packs!!!! Just finished the last one this afternoon!!!! Enjoy it!

Doesn't seem to want to follow my letter tracing & frequently drops all the letters I just traced. It takes a few tries, sometimes, to get out the word I want. Otherwise, I love the game & try to wait patiently for more levels to come out! Marvelous

go think its a real time killer and its just really satisfying to just swype the words and the graphics are good...its a really good game. Amazing!

A good 'waste' of time. Expand your vocabulary.. learn words you didn't even know were words Surprisingly

I think it's a great way to learn new word, it's almost like a word search. Not bad

I love to play it in my leisure time.well developed game for children and adults too......... Thanks for making such a game Brilliant

It is very fun to play when you are trying to make ⏰ Good

This game is awesome and it is very helpful for kids at this age to learn new words Pretty good

It is amazing but the dragging is so hard to do so that is the only problem Worth it!

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