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Love this game but since the update the back button has stopped working. And I like the new top hat animation but if you are midway moving a block, it stops the move then randomly places the block. Fantastic

The ads were inappropriate for rating. Didn't appreciate continual pg 13 PLUS type ads. Omg

I don't mind ads after the game is over, but ads in the middle of play often freeze the game, and I have to start over. No ads duri g play! Go well

Bought the version for NO ADS and I'm still getting ADS. Love the game. HATE ADS! Go well

I m searching for my childhood block game, thanks for the best block game, I really like it Enjoy it!

Like but not luv it keeps stopping to ask me to ok Google play and as I don't and have said so more than once l get a little peeved, correct that and l certainly could consider playing more. Fantastic

The one thing I don't like about the hexagonal game is each time I pause the game I lose the points I have accumulated on the rotate game. Why does this not save properly? Apart from that, when I need to stop playing I can't close the game. I noticed from a lot of reviews I am not the only one having this problem. Please fix both problems with the game and I will give 5 star's across the board. Fantastic

I HATE the new music and sounds. Go back to the old music and voices. Why did you change it????? Great!

I like it, but it's too difficult to reach any reward. You better be willing to spend money. Cool

I like it, but Its so not even funny, but ive been having an issue with the game constantly telling my I have no moves left when i clearly do..if they could fix this it would be has broken so many streaks. Flawless

Its good but... I wish it was like the Apple version when you cleared the board it gave you 1000 points, could you plz update it like that? Superb!

Liked the game until it started saying i had no moves left, when clearly i did. Bs.. uninstalling. Flawless

First Time Player Started to play to kill time about 3 hours later stopped playing. Makes you use your brain. Cool

AWESOME PUZZLE! This games keeps my brain exercising by finding a good strategy to beat my higher score, very cute with sound that motivate you on your progress. Just wow

Liked the game but have to restart the phone to exit. This problem needs attention. It works great on my friends Ipad but not on my android phone. It now works. It seems that you have to hold the exit button longer. Awesome

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