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I like the bigger blocks better. I dislike that it turns blue when you loss. But I can't stop playing the game Perfect

Please decrease the frequency of the ads.This game is addictive, meaning players won't close out of it after one board. No need to place an ad in front of us every time we start a new board. Give us at least 5 boards before nudging us with an ad. We'll be here, don't worry. Worth a go!

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Can't rotate the pieces also no volume control settings but it's a fun game release stress. Cool

I think game about its soo good as well as this game play than will be a fille like litel kides nice love it

There should be an option on switching the directions as would give a better sense of building up and breaking them. Surprisingly

This is a good game to pass our time and sometimes we can feel this game challenging and that is what i like Great!

It's a very nice game it improves your brain power and also increases concentration Amazing!

The controls are good but I don't really understand some things. One thing I don't understand is why doesn't turn gray when your quote quote done with the level and I don't understand what you have to get for the level to be over. what I mean by that is not what it has to be that gets a game over but for something to disappear. Does it depend on what level you're on does it depend on what type of Peace you put in. Does it depend on if you finish your horse section not the whole thing but say it's a four-by-four is what you did does it depend on that. That's a couple of things that I don't understand one big big big one that I don't understand is why can't you like put a piece there an then if you see you can't put it there it wouldn't work why can't you take it off is that a part of the design is that just something that didn't work I know that that would probably be open for only the designers to discuss but that's another thing I don't understand because that happens a lot to me I put it in the wrong spot and I can't take it back or I'll put it here but then I see there's a better piece to put there and I can't take it off. Enjoy it!

Not bad but seriously those ads l. I literally clear chache to get rid of them and switch pf my network Go well

Nice game I would like to give 3 stars only as game has no levels to select so the thing you have to add levels in it.... Highly Recommend.

Fun game, nice concept. Will be good if you have undo button for first & second blocks. Sometimes people accidentally put in the wrong place and first/second block did not affect gameplay Not bad

Keeps you going just want to win but you can't with this game it's been out befor but it was all diffrent colours. Perfect!

Gamenya bagus,tapi sayang balok2nya ga bisa diputar,jadi ga bisa punya pilihan.kalo udah mentok ya mati Worth it!

I love it ....a relaxing game to play.. I spend a lot ot time playing. I like that it's all just wood color.. Awesome

This game is superb I love this game too much I recomend this game to all my friends and relatives Must have

I think this game is okay and if it has any good update it will be one of my favourite game's Works perfectly

I think you should be able to move the pieces to fit other ways or have bonus pices Omg

Great puzzle game. It really makes you think. Great way to unwind. I am going to keep this app. Great!

Actually this game makes us think a lot and also it makes us focus on the game were playing I loved it Recommend

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