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I think the game is all right it could have a different format I guess but overall it's great Great!

It's absolutely great app but stops automatically time to time and please make system if opponent is disconnected don't make too much long to wait please. Muito bom!

Application Crashing after update!!! Not getting daily free coins. In between game if Application Crash, coins are lost. Awesome

Fun game. Don't know why I don't get free coins for 33,000 days, but still fun. Can't sign in anymore since the last update. Need to fix the hack people use to cheat. No shot should be perfectly aligned without adjustment. wow lol

I used to like this game but it's been 3 weeks now and I can't log in using my Google account if this doesn't improve soon I will delete my account and never come back as it really gets anoying, I have sent a report 6 times and no-one bothers to get back to me or helps fix this my guess is they don't like it if you don't spend money on cues so they block you from playing and also if you win to much they don't like this to Muito bom!

I lose my points for no reason after I come back next day for playing. I am not getting free coins due of every hours. The weekly rankings are not work with me and are frozen since 3 months. Go well

Why you kicked me in d world rank? Im in rank 4.and rank 1 in my country. .plz..... Fix dis problem... Im not a cheater.. And ill never use a trick or a traces in d game. ..coz.. I Sunni how to use it... I really love dis game... Still deserve a 5star.... Tnx Worth it!

Fun game. Don't know why I don't get free coins for 33,000 days, but still fun. Can't sign in anymore since the last update Omg

I only play the snooker game but getting tired of it all of a sudden hanging and I lose my profit.. its not my internet I have good Internet so its the game without a doubt Surprisingly

Was a good game until it stopped giving you free coins now it has started crashing every time you try to play Recommend

I like the fact that you get to play some real pool sharks from all over. To me it helps past time and keeps me occupied when boredom sets in. Pretty good

Had almost 1000 coins and when I opened the app back up after closing it took all my coins but 113 of them. If person quits game also don't receive the pot and they don't even give you your full bet back lose 10-20 coins. Highly Recommend.

Glitch to much not enough free coins if a low rank player is stuck with a higher rank it's no competition lower player will lose almost every time Good

Cues have no power. There's notice limit for the person who breaks so if someone wants a free win they just sit on the ball until the other players quit. Dumb Must have

Its really good and enjoying game i love it so much and I can't stop myself playing this game love it

There is a glitch that had happened to me numerous times. While in a snooker game, the game will suddenly end saying the opponent won after he has potted a ball, even though they were behind by many points, and the game wasn't quit on my part. I believe I am out over 1000 points at this point. Must have

I think there is a glitch in the game when opponents aim for your balls and the rail shows your ball just went in and opponent is switching to his balls balls now. I have aimed at my balls and missed intended mark but I am told I fouled and now the opponent is moving the white ball where he wants it to go. Whew...I think something is off when opponents send thanks message to me and I still have a shot at winning and do win. Flawless

Very glitchy, which is frustrating at times, but the game is payable. There are many glitch-free 8 ball pool options out there but this is the best app for snooker, despite the glitches. 7 times out of 10 a game can be completed without glitches. Enjoy it!

Good game but the only thing wrong is the shot clock seems to favour the opposite player as it seems to let the other player still take a shot even though the clock is at zero compered to when I take a shot and It calls for a foul even though I still have 5 seconds on the clock to take the shot Perfect

What if someone has placed a very offensive and vulgar pic on his profile. Today I came across some Munna Who has placed a pic of a huge erect male organ in a hand!!! I have the screenshot also with me. U should deactivate such users(loosers). Superb!

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