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You can't exit the color of your skin or anything else, so it looks super unrealistic. Marvelous

I have black hair and i don't dye so i like to know how do i look in colored hair. I'm amazed i look good Superb!

I am a salon owner and I think this is a wonderful tool for helping clients decide on their next hair transformation. Works perfectly

I adore this app, being a crossdresser I just love it and helps me for styles, thanks Dears Fantastic

I'm impressed, satisfied it may need to iron some kinks but all and all its a lot of fun!! Worth it!

Meh Upsides: get to see yourself with diffrent hairstyles, easy to use Downsides: most pictures don't match skin tone, hard to change size of hair, put a clip art of hair over your selfie making it useless to long-haired people. Overall: it's pretty cool to play around with but I was looking more for something to help me decide my next haircut. Cool

I think its good to use this app because when we use this we already know what's to us wow lol

I wanted to try some classic and retro styles, but there weren't any except for a '20s - esque one. They have plenty of contemporary styles though. Overall, it was fun as I could put hair on cookies I took a picture of, but can't determine if my specific styles would work. Cool

A little hard to use, making your picture fit and I couldn't figure out how to enlarge the short hair examples to fit the picture. App is fun but needs improvement. Awesome

Its nice &everything but it needs more workout like for example if somebody is brown or his color skin is diferent than the nek or the small part from the head Worth it!

I wish they had more of a selection for hairstyles. I have a small oval face in there is only about four hairstyles Not bad

The best make over app I've found. No fussing about, gets straight to business with contrast, colour, brightness etc controls wow lol

I think it's good not to be rasest. Only white photos not brown:/. But....nahhhh Muito bom!

Kind of rediscovering my features, Very interesting and inciteful. I am having fun with it. Cool

This app is fantastic. It was easy to upload your photo, select a design, and it saves it directly to your gallery. 5 star

Love this app! Actually invented this in theory about 45 years ago,for hair salons. At the time I thought to use those little strips of photos you took in a Woolworth photo booth! Day late and a dollar short, but I'm glad someone followed thru with their creative invention! Highly Recommend.

Wicked-n-Wild HaiR TAME | TIME 《♡ME.2♡》 *STYLES* What • You • Feel ▪▪ Style • Smart Pic a Style Each Day Girlz •• U .Dew Got2bu♡Gt2bme. All Ways ○ Each Day B U •• Pic Click ☆ •• Slide N .2 U Works perfectly

Simple, easy to use,and wanted to test some simple changes to my hair... this fitted the bill perfectly, love it. Surprisingly

Best app I found. No crashes, takes time to figure out. Adapt colors manually, not automatic. Pic size adjustable. I'm impressed. Highly Recommend. picture is what I want...the one with my name above it and can't find it....fb just took it off....yes...this app is fantastic...I'm an artist always looking for certain apps....thank you! Great!

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