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Cute game but the lottery system seems rigged for some people. My fiance walks and plays much less than me and has gotten all the monster items from lottery, but I have spent hundreds and hundreds of topaz's on the lottery and have only gotten one. Something feels wrong here. Pretty good

Super cute app. My son always wants me to do more so we can upgrade the monsters!! Not bad

I played this game for months just got a new phone and I've lost everything is there any way to get my account back? I do not have a Facebook account! Have to edit my review best customer service ever! Very very quick and got what I needed done even though I didn't think it was going to be possible. Very nice people I appreciate all their help. I would like to ask if you guys could put more items in the chest out of a thousand topaz's I didn't get one item! And I do have a question if it makes sense does it matter which monster I have on screen on how much I make? Or do I make the same amount of points regardless of what monster I have put on the screen? Thanks again love it

Love this but it suddenly stopped syncing to my Fitbit. ......frustrating! UPDATE.... WORKA NOW! wow lol

I want to upgrade my things which did have me pacing around my house at 9:30 at night because i was so close. So I suppose it works lol Works great

It is cute. Basic type of game. Lots of plain old clicking on monster then steps. Awesome

It was a little confusing at first but it is cute and fun. Syncs nicely with my fit bit. Fabulous!

Is an alright game, but honestly it's not hugely intuitive to learn. What does leveling up planets do? What does unlocking new planets do? I have no idea. Perfect

This is a pretty simple but entertaining app. It's not likely to be something you spend hours on like one might with some other games, just a few minutes to check in on your pets and level them up and stuff. I really enjoy it, and appreciate that the simplicity doesn't let it distract me too much from the rest of my life. You'll definitely get more out of this app if you have a fitbit or some sort of activity tracker that it can sync with; those will count steps more accurately. Disappointed to hear android hasnt had any updates for a while though. Well done!!

Simple. Walk to get XP to level/buy better Wokamons so you can tap their bellies (over and over) to get more crystals to buy more things to get more XP per step to level/buy better Wokamons to get more crystals per tap.... Over and over... Ridiculously simple. Ridiculously addictive. Used this over a more complex but similar app which I though I'd like more since I'm a gamer. So this one, in its simplicity, still works. Unlike many people, I prefer to purchase apps instead of dealing with ads and the good thing about this app is that the ads are optional. I do find myself giving in and watching some ads to get more stuff so "good job" developers. Great!

Fun, but all the tapping is annoying. But i enjoy watching him level up because I've been walking. Highly Recommend.

Inaccurate fun! As far as motivation goes, this is a good game for it. As far as accuracy in steps, importing steps, and balance this game has some serious issues. First, the steps may count more than or less than what is actually imported. I tested this via Fitbit. Took exactly the 30 steps to level up. In Fitbit it was 30 (which is a problem since Fitbit is not a great Pedometer) and then synced. Wokamon showed I had 12 steps. So I took 12 more in Fitbit then synced and it added in 20. It sure how it is syncing and getting the values incorrect, but it does. The game will freeze and crash if you click too fast during a crystal fountain event. So far it has been twice on my S7. The reward system is normal for any tapping game. The tapping part I am no fan of. It should have been tied to steps somehow. Overall, the game is pretty cute and Uncle Bakey being my favorite. Cute audio, but repetitive music that can be silenced in the settings. Great to get you moving at first, but longevity wise, this will likely not hold attention excessively long. 5 star

This game makes walking motivating but getting fruit in the lottery is really annoying. Recently I've had an issue where I'll watch a video, but not receive the reward for it, which is extremely irritating Enjoy it!

I've actually been enjoying this a lot, and I've been pretty motivated to walk, since the creature designs are so cute! The amount of experience required to evolve monsters feels just right. The amount required to unlock a new monster is kind of a bummer, though, especially when some of them cost premium currency on top of that. That's my only complaint so far. Enjoy it!

Very motivating, my grandkids want to workout too now just to get new wokamon. Works great with fitbit but can also use just walking with phone. Cool

At first loved it. But you quickly max it out and it becomes meh. It is a great idea but it saddens me that I will probably uninstall it as I maxed out all worlds and many monsters to 600. Superb!

I love this app. It's cute, entertaining, and motivating. Functionally, this app is very well executed. No errors so far or glitches. Great game! :) Pretty good

Nothing really special, but it does remind you of updating your steps at the end of the day Great!

It's good but could do with some mini games or something. I like to have a visual target when doing something such as exercising, so.this really helps. It gets boring/tedious quickly as it's purely tapping for gems, with a few minigames to earn gems or XP would make it alot more fun. Perfect!

I love this app. It syncs to my fitbit plus I love how you can get clothes for the little monsters. 5 star

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