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The app shows that i still need to pay for the ticket even though i've payed long time ago, on the website it shows that the payment is approved, on the app not the same, annoying Just wow

I payed for the discount club and now I cannot book a ticket for a friend of mine. Ridiculous. Perfect

Need to add my companions on one flight and to add flight schedule only with confirmation number! Go well

The app was awesome and I used it for a very long time especially new layout. Unfortunately I a on entry level android and with the new update I am no longer able to make a payment becaue my phone is not compatible with this payment system. That is really disappointing as now I am forced to make bookings through their website Great!

Great app, always promo, good suport, and good service! Never had issue with this app... Recommend to everyone!!! Muito bom!

Great app. I mainly use the website and application as complimentary however after flight cancellation due to heavy snow had no problem booking the new flight. Also I use it frequently to change the seat or add baggage. Recommend

Perfect. I used it to check in and see the tickets - very smooth + it told me how much delay my flight had Worth it!

Bought tickets on the web. App is great for checking in, looking at floght information and for the ticket. Works perfectly

It's a nice airline app, however I found that there is a bug and I can't change the passenger from myself to someone else. Perfect

The app has improved tremendously. I love it. The timeline showing all trip details is awesome. Integration to show boarding pass neatly is very good too! Cool

Can't find flights for the route Cluj - Bucharest at the moment, the screen freezing and keeps loading over and over again, same happened on Wizz air website, please fix this otherwise I will need to change the flight company if I can't book a flight with Wizz Air anymore Fabulous!

Booking a seat, the name (if long like mine) overlaps the price so you can't see how much it is... Marvelous

Cannot change default currency (departure country local currency) when searching flights. Worth a go!

Useful app, nice design. The really annoying thing are the push notifications that say 'please note that your flight to X...', you click cause you assume the flight is cancelled or delayed and it just takes you the the flight confirmation. Works great

I've read other comments about problems with this update during the actual update download. But there are no issues at all. Logs in properly, shows flight details and boarding pass etc without any problems. I'm happy with update. Great!

I'm happy enough with the app, and over the years I've come to regard Wizzair as the best budget airline ever, because I can depend on them. But if Wizzair is serious about customer satisfaction, they really should make themselves more accessible, by reduce the cost of contacting their call centre. Pretty good

It is useful but if you have more than 1 flight you should be able to delete the old checkin boarding card. I can not find this feature in the app now. Perfect!

Whenever I try to open my boarding card, I get a message "Something bad happened" Must have

App is ok for booking and easy to use but always log out my account after update.. Please fix it.. Enjoy it!

After update I needed to install it again to make it work. Not crazy about the new lay-out. But I like the app to check in and keep my boarding pass conveniently at hand. Flawless

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