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Was fantastic in 2016, and now their customer service sucks now. They lost my stuff and said if the system says delivered and its not there sorry. I recieved a couple things and the system said those were NOT there yet. So tracking means nothing and they no longer correct their or 3rd party mistakes. Another list of issues. The stuff is good and good priced, but as of now, if i order again, it will not be multiple items and will be crossing my fingers for the weeks slow or fast of delivery, in hopes they dont deliver it wrong again. Just not an enjoyable experience anymore. Marvelous

The products are better than what you think for the prices you pay, well as it's been for me and my husband anyway. Items have a rough estimate of delivery and are normally ahead of schedule. We like what we get and how they look out of the box. Will continue to order from wish! Perfect

Most of the time I receive the items on time. But, I have also not received some items. I ordered Easter dress for my daughter & sneakers last year & never received it & they wouldn't even give me credit to order something else. I've ordered large items like patio umbrellas & never received them. But most of the time everything is ok. Works great

Wish has amazing deals and an Awesome Customer Support Group! When they say that they "have your back" they mean it! Amazing!

Love this app. I'll have all my Christmas shopping done early this year. Just made my second order the other day. Already have a third order ready for next week. Only thing I don't like about it is most of the stuff comes from China and you can't track it. That's the only downfall. Other than that I LOVE IT!!!!!! Works perfectly

Wish is in my view heading to be able to compete with amazon. Except for major quality control issues and lack of contact support for app related problems. Right now every time I open the wish app I get a 404 error. Also there is no way to edit payment settings on existing orders and you can't delete back log orders I received. Also they don't seem to remove tabs on specials that seems to have ended such as first look. Fabulous!

Wonderful app. Just beware that it's addicting, easy to overspend on and that often you pay more in shipping than you would expect. Overall worth the prices and unique items from cheep baby ware to unique jackets and funny shirts to real swords and great electronics. Wish pretty much has everything that you didn't know you needed or wanted. Must have

I really like it. They have vast assortment of just about anything I'm looking for at very reasonable prices for the items as well as the shipping. I do wish that the shipping time was shorter but I do understand why. Can't be in any rush. Also it would be great if they would put the USA sizes in clothing and shoes. That would put it at 5 stars for me. OH! Another thing, I ordered a pendant and it got lost in transit. It would be good for small items like that be shipped in a box instead of an envelope. Marvelous

App concept is excellent! Deals run rampant 24/7! Cheap prices do not result in cheap products. Shipping times are reasonable given the amount charged (usually only a $1 or $2 and item is received within about 3 weeks, if not sooner. Overall, highly recommended. Must have

Love this app! Use it all the time and get some nice affordable items. I do wish that the first look feature allowed you to review items early, though, as mine always come early. Don't think they come quick, though. Wish usually takes a month or so for shipping. Well done!!

Sometimes they show u a price but its different when u go to buy it. For instance. Shoes are for $15 but they end up charging u more when u go to pick the color and size. I was gonna buy these boots I've been wanting for a long time now and they were priced at $25. I picked the size and color and they were over $50. Needless to say I never bought them. Cool

I just installed the app and bought a few things but what I've noticed was that whenever you place something in the cart and check out. The price changes! Even though it's not a huge increase, but's dishonest. But overall good shopping app that I may keep. Highly Recommend.

Well, first sight review: you can't do filter or refine search within the search results. All the results are coming to you mixed up with no sort or order. 2nd thing I have realised, some product cost more than the same product on the maker's official website. The huge price crossed out in the top left corner is just unbelievably stupid, they think we are so naive? 5 star

I have fun with Wish. So many cool items to explore at major low prices. I hope the prices don't go up or it wouldn't be worth it. Most items are low quality but I have alot of items from wish that I enjoy. Shipping on most products does take a long time but so far always receive sooner than estimate. Average shipping wait is 3 weeks but have received items sooner and later. Many items have strong chemical odor. Clothing is usually 3 sizes smaller than U.S. sizes. Quality is usually low all around but worth it to me. The customer service is the best! Hopefully customers can be honest so that customer service can keep up the fairness. The app does freeze up sometimes and slow to or will not load pictures. This has been happening more often. Great job

This app is addicting! I love it! I've bought so much on here! I'm a big woman so I stay away from buying clothes because I heard they run small. Other than that, you can get pretty much everything on here. I do a lot of gift shopping on here. Just be aware of time frame because most orders are being shipped from China. So some orders may take a couple of weeks to a month to get to you. Fantastic

Just started using this app. Haven't received any items yet. Shopping & buying is easy. Love that they offer bigger sizes in jewelry. Have received some items now. Most have been good, a few poor quality. But prices are so low you still don't feel ripped off. Enjoying Wish! Worth it!

Amazing app, I've been using Wish since the app first launched and i love it. The app started out with many problems from product to shipping but they have consistently improved, bettering themselves and the shopping experience for everyone. Now they vet sellers and if a seller does bad things they remove them and help buyers , they have excellent customer service, buyer and seller protection. As with any store not every customer can be 100% satisfied 100% of the time but that being said Wish is worth it and I do trust them with my information and money. Marvelous

The pricing is phenomenal. Although depending on what you order the shipping could take a little bit longer to arrive but it's worth waiting for because of the price. Even though the shipping rights are cheap, The only thing I do not like is the fact that it will charge you shipping for each item you add to your car if they are from different vendors. I think it should only charge you one flat shipping rate for everything no matter how many vendors you have so just be mindful of that. sometimes it may do it and sometimes it may not just depends on the vendors Awesome

It's a hit or a miss honestly. But if I do receive the incorrect item customer service is quick to correct it the best they can. Pay close attention to STORE reviews because some are awful and you never receive your order. Any clothes I've ordered so far have come correct just be sure to read the sizing guidelines! Jewelry is my biggest portion of purchasing. I love the jewelry! Only received 1 wrong ring out of about 10 I've ordered so far but they let me keep it and sent me the correct one. But over all it's a great app and I will continue to purchase from it. Perfect

This is a really good app! It has very good prices, personally I hate to get up and go shopping but, this app has allowed me to shop without the hassle. The only thing I have against this app is the fact that on some of the items u have to wait a couple of months/weeks for it to come. Overall it is a v sry good app and I highly recommend. Works perfectly

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