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Perfect (:! Im a shopper but never have time because I work this is so amazing ... (:. Recommend to take Wish - Shopping Made Fun APK.

#fashion-app Awesome! Lots of cool stuff...but need more assassin's creed stuff...or cool masks / helmets

#window-shop In love! I love this app, because it creates a wish list that is affordable or creates ideas for me to use when styling myself or my house. Most of all it gives me goal to work towards to.

Pretty cool! Fun and really cool to get discounts on products you like. Except sometimes the discount loops you back to send email, when you go to email it loops you back to send email. So that part kinda sucks cause id like to get my discounts or buy some of my wishes!

Fun app.! The only reason it does not get a fifth star is because you fun out wishes. Another mark against it is that products repeat every so often, which can get annoying.

#online-shopping A neat and helpful app!! Unlike other apps that notify you needlessly, Wish, based on your info, shows products you may be interested in. Very useful and simple!

Awesome app! Dope!!!!!! You can get anything you wish for on Wish. I can't wait to be able to spoil my family with all the great gifts I find on Wish!!!

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