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Not bad app for ordering things. Very rarely the order tracker is vague or incorrect. Size charts are different, expect shipping to take a long time more often than not, and definitely check reviews of items as well as the store you are purchasing from. There are cheaply made items once in a while, but if you check reviews before buying, you shouldn't have too much trouble. I've ordered several things and so far I'm pleased with the majority of my purchases. love it

Love It. Things do take their time coming in but that's okay. Kinda wish that if you're purchasing more than one from the same shop, you don't have to pay double the shipping. Be careful of shops that don't provide tracking numbers. Your item may not come in. But Wish refunds the money. Same with if item doesn't fit. They'll refund your money Well done!!

I like how you can find dang near anything on the app. I don't like that certain things, such as a shower curtain, are running as much as $60. Seriously, you guys. I could go down the street to the store if o want to pay that much for a shower cyrtain. Good

Love this app! So far I have gotten some good stuff. I only wish their giveaway alerted you when it is starting while you are in the app like it says. I have tried it several times and missed out because it never let me know. Marvelous

Pretty darn good except for the never delivered items. And not merging my two different payment methods to the same profile. Rewards are not consolidated into one and I can't find the tracking on the previous. Order account Fabulous!

I would be careful buying clothes here, because the sizing chart is weird. Just be sure to read product reviews because things can come too large or small, or the material can be poor. Customer service was really good. Shipping was okay. Awesome

Becareful buying clothes from buy thigh high socks/leg warmers....they will send you knee highs......some products match....but there is also a lot of false advertising on wish. Browse with caution....dropped down to three stars 5 star

I love wish!! There's been a problem lately with receiving a few of my items but I trust wish will make it right and everything I've gotten, besides a couple shirts that's were too small, has been wonderful and great quality! Surprisingly

Hi this nice fist time I'm using this app but I have small problem. I'm not using Debit or credit card or internet banking is there any passable to pay or cash on delivery it's very helpful for me Go well

I have received some less than good quality items (from Wish too)and they cost under $5 including shipping. UNDER $5! These were jewellery, clothing, electronics. If i only used or worn the item once, I got my money's worth. I had no problem with customer service (with Wish)on having a duplicate removed from an order. Maybe 2 out of 50 things I've ordered from this app didn't come with in 2 weeks early. That's fricking excellent in my book. The jewellery was shiny, the clothes were pretty, the electronics work longer than expected for what i paid. Wish is awesome app to shop from and EVERYONE that shops with the app (including me) is too cheep or just can't afford the name brands. That's why you're shopping here in the first place. Right? 100% is near impossible from any merchant, (hell, from anyone!) WISH KEEPS MY ORIGINAL 5 STAR RATING AND I'M ADDING ANOTHER 5 STARS. I recommend the Wish App because I get more than I expected for the price. Must have

I bought several things. I love most of them. There is only one bracelet that I think was a waste of money but its my fault for not trying to return it. It is too little for an ankle bracelet and too big for a reg bracelet. Also I have to be careful bec I could spend money on here I need to be spending on bills so I try not to look very often. Flawless

Surprisingly impressed with the product you receive compared to what you spend. You get what you pay for, so a few things here and there were not really great but all in all I will continue to use it, and recommend it to others. Works perfectly

A good place to get cheap Chinese items. Just be wary of tech, it's either extremely low quality or has viruses preinstalled. Anything else I would recommend. Enjoy it!

It's very addictive, I recommend really reading about the products that you're buying as it can be misleading. Looking through all the products is very enjoyable. Could be made better with a categories section perhaps. Perfect!

It's a good app but I feel like it's really hit or miss with the products and sometimes when the items come they smell like chemichals! It makes me wonder how everything is made. Superb!

Best deals even tho sometimes you have to wait awhile to receive your items it's worth it. This is the best app I wouldn't use anything else. Highly Recommend.

Most orders arrive early, I have shopped with Wish for over a year now and have not once experienced a problem. It's a bit dangerous if I don't watch myself - discipline is key here. Pretty good

I wasn't sure about this app all I can say is when it comes to the clothes know it's usually a replica of the real thing and READ THE REVIEWS...some are fake so check for pictures from real people. But I'm addicted Amazing!

Inexpensive option for shopping. If you pay close attention to size charts, you'll be fine in most cases when buying clothes and shoes. It takes awhile for delivery, but the variety and the low prices make up for that. Customer service has been helpful in my experience. It's a nice way to therapeutically shop and not feel horrible about huge purchases lol...then your stuff shows up two or three weeks later and you have all that anticipation for it. It's fun. wow lol

As a part time night club hostess I need a constant supply of cheap, eye-catchingly revealing dresses which this site has in abundance. Quality is not great but in a dimly lit club a 10 euro dress can look fantastic! Delivery usually takes several weeks and occasionally items never arrive but, overall, the items are usually worth waiting for and, given the ridiculously low prices, chasing up the occasional missing item is simply not worth the time and effort. I do wish, however, that more reviewers would post photographs of items actually being worn rather than just lying on a bed or on a hanger. Amazing!

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