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This is a great app and I have gotten a couple high quality items given a few exceptions. I HIGHLY SUGGEST that when you see a product you like, be sure to read the product name AND the product description. This will save you money and time. Its just like buying off of eBay, and the same buyer sense should be applied here. So if you see a brand new laptop for $4 dollars, check the product description to make sure its not a laptop case or a raffle. That being said, I've gotten a nice pair of Bluetooth ear buds for around $25. Not to mention a cloak ($12), and some socks ($3). Perfect

Not sure how good the stuff is. Havent bought any yet. Ive got a gripe about your advertising. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO STOP MY MUSIC ?. Everytime your advert comes on its cuts out my music. So have to exit your advert, go back to what i was doing, then go back out again to music app, start that again, then back to the original task. Oh and you cant go straight from your advert to music, it wont work. Update Have just ordered 2 things will post again when they have arrived Enjoy it!

Just downloaded the app but because the app doesn't support screen rotation I'm unable to use due to the top of my screen not working. So I have lots of stuff in my cart but I'm unable to checkout ☹ Marvelous

Best site.... ever!!!! Everything you ever wanted and things you didn't know you wanted. Clothes, toys, electronics, household items.... everything!!! Great prices, get stuff and free items just pay shipping. Rate your items and you get points that add up for discounts. There are sometimes issues with the quality of your item and sizing (colors have been off, advertised as one type of material or fabric and it's another, plastic instead of glass, thin or see through material and with clothes always best to order up by at least one or two). But if you dont get your item, or it doesn't fit they refund. And so far, the few items that I would've returned, I didn't have to, and they still refunded my money. It's a 60/40 chance everytime you order but I've had good luck 95% of the time. And again considering the prices, when it works and you get exactly what you though you would, its def worth it. Works perfectly

Pricing is confusing. I would choose an item, pick size and color and the price is different. Also I would like to see sizes and color before hitting the "buy" button. At one point it wouldn't let me back out and had to close the app to keep the purchase from going through. Pretty sneaky. Not convinced yet. Good

Good place to shop for quick fix and seasonal items where high product quality is not to be expected. In most cases, what lacks for in quality and customer rights protection is outweighed by the good price. However, many items have higher actual price compared to listed/advertised price. Ads and reviews are often misleading and sugarcoated. Stores (or maybe the app developers themselves) mostly show positive product reviews only. There is no feature or customer service wherein you can ask the store or other shoppers about a product. Free gift feature is rigged. Works perfectly

Well they actually deliver and it's cheapish. Some cool things of course you need to watch the sizing go a size up if it's a hoodie maybe although the sizing charts have been good so far. Shame about all the notifications and data usage Omg

Great app with very cheap items. The items generally arrive a lot sooner than they are estimated. Good quality items. For example a t shirt I bought for £2 would have cost me around £40 in the UK. Also arrived 3 weeks early Well done!!

The items are really Cheap however they all come from China. Low quality on most items. I recommend buying the products with a blue Check next to them as they are of better quality. Use my code to get up 50% off your first order. Code: kxqzmkl Marvelous

Pretty darn good. Some of the stuff I buy my mom won't let me wear because of how cheap it is, so maybe that's a good thing? Haha but Wish is super cool and I love using it. Fabulous!

Have been dealing with wish for 3 years now.. Most things arrive on time... A Little patience is needed sometimes... But all in all very good service.. Problems always resolved ... And refund given when not delivered .. Excellent service for the money Good

This is a great app. Super cheap prices and great products. They are quick to refund mistakes. Look at the reviews of others who have already received the product and you will never be surprised, thats my best tip!! Must have

The app itself is wonderful. There's so many interesting finds. The problem is the shipping. Dates constantly change. My last order I waited 6 months for things to arrive and when they did it was wrong. I was able to get refunds but it's still frustrating. Trying a new order this week! We will see what happens Muito bom!

Yes the stuff is cheap. Some items more than others. Just read the reviews of sellers and items. Some items will be delivered earlier than what tracking will show. If you are scared and want to try it out. Buy something cheap and see what you think. I bought some replacement thumb sticks for my xbox one remote. Paid 2$ for for aluminum replacements. Now my kids can't destroy them. Worth it!

I spend way to much money here but the value i get makes it completely worth it. It does not happen often but every once in awhile you buy from a dishonest person!!! Great job

This is a fantastic app, dangerous for a shoppaholic like me haha. I love just browsing and seeing what's available. Received one item so far and very happy with the speed and quality. A complaint is that I'm allergic to polyester so searched for "cotton sheets" and still had to search through an entire list of microfibre to find what I wanted. wow lol

Love it. I started by buying something inexpensive and was pleasantly surprised. Since, Wish has become my go to store for difficult finds. I had to contact customer service once because I had the wrong shipping address and they fixed it immediately. I love wish! Highly recommend! Just wow

Everything that I have ordered so far has been in great working condition. I had one issue and wish gave me a complete refund. Im not sure why these others are saying they don't refund you just have to be patient and wait til after the deliver date has passed to request a refund. It's easy.i guess patience is not.. Brilliant

I've had it loaded before, found some good items. I like the app, just don't have enough memory to keep things on my phone. Unless I can get them to use sd card. But fixin to load again, a few items I want to check. Worth it!

Wish list is hard to find. It has taken me almost 2 months to really learn to navigate the site. Mostly due to my own inattention to functions. Now I am less likely to do random searches. Some sellers are not very print. Still waiting for my very first order placed in early February. This is end of March. Worth a go!

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