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Wow this is a great relaxing voice for TTS. I love using it to read books out loud on play books. Brilliant

I love all the Cereproc voices, but this new William and the new Sara voices are just amazing, especially combined with the newest Google TTS engine. If you have any stuttering, noise or other issues with any Cereproc voices, it is probably due to the TTS and not Cereproc, but is easy to fix - just uninstall the Google TTS (and then FBReader TTS plugin if you use FBReader), then reinstall the Google TTS (and then FBReader plugin) and that should fix it.. This voice and all the other Cereproc voices work great on my aging Nook HD plus, which is only dual core with 1GB of RAM. I'm impressed. Worth it!

Why is there more background noise than in the preview? Voices are awesome but ruined by noise. Voices much cleaner in preview. Must have

Stopped working with latest version of Pocket. Oct 2017. Otherwise like the voice. Fantastic

The voice itself is great, but there is a lot of noise in the Android version. I tried the demo in the Cereproc website and the voice was clear, but the real product on Android is very noisy and of low quality. The amount of noise is so much that it disrupts the listening experience. Just wow

I'm not impressed. Its nothing like the three year old video on YouTube. Audio is extremely choppy, some syllables aren't pronounced and there's a constant static in the background. The voice sounds a little less mechanical than Google's and it seems to recognise punctuation marks so... I've never been this divided about anything, ever Great job

Lost My Voice, Hello British Accent! I have a mild form of laryngitis and lost my voice. This app has been a life saver! I use it at home and while it does give some laughs, it is very useful. Please add a clear text button so I don't have to constantly select it all and remove it all the time. Thanks! Surprisingly

Works great Some words still unrecognisable but spelled out possibly due to slang. I notice they don't work well on kindle software well but android system is great. I use on moon reader pro with no problems with my samsung note2 Good

Excellent I am a male in the US, just for reference. I use this app every day. It is easily favorite TTS app on Android for how natural it sounds and it's customizability. I use it for reading books, GPS, and web articles. Cereproc hit it out of the park with this one. Omg

The best TTS voice period Wow! This voice is amazing! Better than the other guys' tts male British voice and a dollar cheaper. I'm using this tts on a 2 year old plus HTC device. So far so good. wow lol

Svox Classic, was the best for a very long time thank you for keeping the movement alive. these voices surpass Google and Samsung voice to speech ten fold. Go well

Posh. Love it, please add optional storaging over voice data to SD. [UPD 08.16: so I don't have any new complains for the quality of the voice, but there's another thing now: please add an option to store the downloaded voice data on the external SD card. By now I've got 4 Cereproc TTS voices on my phone; and combined, they occupy about 1Gb of my precious and *limited* inner memory space. Please do!] Great natural-sounding British voice! While it does stumble over some sounds and unbalanced pausing (look into it, really), this and Heather are my two absolute favorite ones. Perfect!

Voice is good but there are serious issues. Voice is good but there are serious issues. It doesn't like saying double consonants in the middle of words. DISMISSIVE = DISMI'IVE and so on, and a CLANGING bell would be CLAN JING. Worth it!

William UK Text to Speach Love the Voice, Just Wish it Sounded More Like Jarvis. It Would be Even Better. Please! Take in consideration. Thank you. Not bad

Was a great app. After updating to Android 4.1 the Play Store can't download it / install it Pretty good

I tested the voice using the tool on their website, downloaded the free voice - to make sure it would work with the apps I wanted, and then went for it. Works a treat - one of the best, smoothest, most natural voices out there. Glides over sounds that make others go all 'synthetic'. Recommend

Works for most apps, but ... Has anyone else been able to get it to work on Google maps? Seems like it works on system sounds and other select apps only. =(

I fell in love with you Omg excellent voice quality, I can't believe how it sounds so natural. Gorgeous ∧.∧

Samsung Note 2 and 8 Natural sounding, withheld a star because of recent evaluation. Muito bom!

WOW Absolutely the most natural sounding TTS voices. I was using SVOX prior, but they cut in/cut out. I have US Adam, UK William & UK Caitlin. Gotta have Caitlin now that Jarvis has been replaced by Friday. No skips, I am completely happy, except that it pronounces punctuation as what it is. For example, periods are pronounced as "dot". Surprisingly

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