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It's a great game very addicting. It could work on how the game lags a lot and initially shuts down needing a reboot. That and after u lock ur phone or even leave the app the games music still plays. Otherwise a great game for ppl that love animals and socializing. It has great graphics,sound, movements, closings, and even awesome bosses. Omg

This game is super fun! I love it so much, and it's a great time waster! I have made lots of friends because of this game, too. I highly recommend it! I do have one problem with this game though, whenever I play after about thirty minutes, sometimes only fifteen, the game will just kick me off. I then have to log back in. It doesn't matter if I am playing as a Fox or wolf, or if I am playing on an online server or a private, it always does this. Please fix this, then I will give you five stars on everything. Perfect

I think this game is great! I have some ideas that other people might like. First of all, a scent trail. When you go to smell, you on only see were it is in that time. If we had a scent trail, it might be more realistic. Second of all, a scent message sistime. I know, your probably think it's to mark out territory, but thats not what im thinking. When I say 'hey, lts go kill the moose!' It quickly disappears under all the other peoples texts. Scents would stay longer, and when we do leave a scent, it should appear like the chat box, only with no other people's texts. Third and last, submission and dominate posters. Now, don't get me wrong, I love all the new actions you guys put in, but would it be more appealing to put those actions in the game? If you do, put them in at a normal action price. That way people will be able to get them easily. Mind you that you don't have to do any of these suggestions. I'm just trying to help people get a better review for the game. Thank you for reading this. Great!

When I got the game, I registered right? Well, it said I did. One day I had to uninstall the game due to space problems on my device. Now that I'm trying to get back my account, it says that "Such user doesn't exist." I clearly remember registering, I even saved the account and password on a memo. Did I do something wrong? I feel a bit bad right now since I just lost all my progress. I do say, this game is very fun. It's a great time killer and the quests do put up a fight which adds to the fun. As well as the models/animals and such are beautifully crafted. Keep up the good work! Recommend

I think this game is very good and stays true to everything that these animals do in the wild. It is fun to play because of the awesome graphics and relaxing music. The different rules and requirements are good in order to keep the game apropriate for younger audiences. The multiplayer option is fun the use. I think this app should get more popularity and if you are looking for a relaxing yet adventurous simulator then you came to the right place. Sure, there are a few annoying requirements, but they are nothing compared to the awesome gameplay and possible situations. In addition, the hunting/fighting abilities of the animals are intriguing. Overall, a great app. Fabulous!

Love it, I have some suggestions to make it better! 1. Add more maps 2. Add 1 more rare animal 3. Add 2 legendary animals 4. Add more clothes I asked the animal thing because; There are 2 common animals there should be 2 rares and 2 legendaries Ill give animal ideas: Rare: •Badger •Hyena •Snake... Legendary: •Deer •Siberian Tiger (or normal tiger) •Komodo Dragon *For herbivore animals, (if you add some) you could make like when near a plant, put a button to shake the plant, and then food falls from it. Thanks for reading this wow lol

I have always loved wolves and have gotten multiple games like this, and I gotta say this one was my favorite. The skins are cool, customization is sweet. The only things I didn't like particularly were the fact that you have to go through a PORTAL to get inside your home, and the fact that every time you get pregnant you can only have one pup. This bothers me since in reality, female wolves can have 1 to 4 pups in a litter. So, I guess I'm asking that you change that. Fantastic

This game is the best. Just started today and it's already my favorite game! The controls are easy to understand and it isn't a pay-to-win game!!! I love everything about it, but it'd be nice to be able to sprint inside of your den and maybe add a few more animals? Overall, ❤❤❤❤❤❤!! EDIT: This game is now really laggy and crashes ALL THE TIME. Not sure why, but some of my friends have been experiencing the same issues. I still try to play the game and I really miss it. Please help. Omg

I absolutely LOVE this game. When is the next update coming and how often do u make updates. I would really really appreciate if u answer back to me thank!! (BTW the name it says it's from is not my name it's my dad's but he let's me use his tablet all the time he's really nice) Recommend

This game is EPIC. I mean, amazing! The only issue I have is the friend system. I want to play with a friend, but I don't see her username on the servers. Another game I have called The Wolf has a great multiplayer system, where each player has a unique code, and when your friend gives it to you, you can invite them to your games. I would love if you could do this with your game. Other than that, Great gameplay, and AWESOME models and concept. I am a big supporter of your games. Pretty good

Good game. WAY TOO MANY ADS! worst part is that the ads come up OUT OF NOWHERE, so you'll be trying to finish off a raccoon and suddenly your on the Google play store page of a family guy game! Perfect!

It's a great game if you want to be playing something for awhile. My only problem is it's really hard to get acorns(Well if there's a way to get them tell me plz) Brilliant

Too many adds to be great. No videos available in the coin menu, yet constant adds popping up? Zero logic there. If you space the adds at least 15 minutes apart, then a player might be able to focus on an objective in the game. Every 3-5 minutes is stupid. Can't even play long enough to see if I like the game because the adds. Graphics are nice. Not bad

Love it best game ever! The only thing I'd say is I wish there are more cool maps with interesting places to go and maybe even easier ways to get acorns or even make then more common. Other than that a big two thumbs up! Well done!!

This game is very fun, and addicting. After a few days you can get really good at this game. The only reason I didn't rate five stars is because once you get to a high level, the game gets very boring. But it's a tremendously good game. Worth a go!

I like the game, but there seems to be a problem with the lynx. When I'm playing in singleplayer mode, no other animals show up that you can attack. Would appreciate if this is solved, I really love the game! Worth it!

This is the best game I have ever played and ever will play. I recommend it to everyone. Even if it doesn't look good to you get it its awsome. I think or know you will like it. Also it's so cute and the graphics are awsome. Also everything is priced so well. I love how you add new stuff often. Also you can level up fast, and let go of your purse into a new family. BEST GAME EVER!!!!!, Perfect!

The game sometimes lagged yet it was a good game overall, the controllers were easy and somewhat obvious to understand and the graphics were good if you don't count the fact that the camera would glitch through the floor sometimes but this wasn't a major problem. I loved the game and to be honest it was pretty addicting, If I didn't quit now, I sure I would of played nothing but this game for the whole week... again even if it did glitch sometimes, that is too be expected from such a well thought out game, games are not perfect and that is nothing to be ashamed about... half of the people here haven't even known the stress of making a game that people might or not like. What I'm trying to say is that I can see myself coming back to this game once every glitch is fixed. ( there should also be more camera angles and way more animals and characters , and also predators, remember even wolves have to be food for something.) love it

It's a great game with great graphics, animation and design. The boss has a really cool tribal design which I really like but I want to know if we could trade in gems for acorns like 20 gems for 100 acorns. If that already exists please let me know how. Also my wolf is level 30 and only does 10-17 attack damage and when I look at the elixir I used for points it says Power 32 Speed 33 Health 32 and I have a friend that is level 24 and does 20 damage and I'm not impressed. Let me know how to fix this if I can. Anyway great game I really recommend it. Works perfectly

Its a lovely game! I love how you can do so many things you like in game its unique in its own way, yes yes there is a few things that might need to be fixed but this game is fixing it all, what I think is they need to fix the snow place it can be very laggy but this game is just the best I only have one problem the new wolf skin looks very boyish.. But everything else is perfect! Amazing!

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