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Ok game but it would be nice if they was more guys instead of 1 and most moblie vr games don't show your hand but this one does Brilliant

Nice & simple... but the need to remove the cardboard after eery game is annoying :-/ about to show your score at the end :-) More than 3, maybe 4 scenarios would also be nice... more creative ;-) Cool

Awesome experience in VR This game is very good experience in VR... pls add few more stages and locations... Brilliant

Ok The graphics are fine, even with the stiff animation in the baddies, but the slow paced bullets and lack of hit indicators for the player are disappointing. Can't even blow up the red barrels?!?! Works great

It's ok Use with the Powis 360fly and it played well. Way to short of a game and easy. Did not like the fact that the first thing that pops up when opening the app is an add Go well

I think it is a pretty cool game and I'm not new to vr.I had one problem but I was able to fix it other than that if you put some more work into this game it would be a 5 Enjoy it!

I haven't even played this but I'll tell you right now everyone's complaining about not having a controller for the virtual reality game maybe you should buy one. Seriously did you think you just whip out your hand like a six-shooter and start firing or say shoot perhaps maybe thought you could take your PS4 controller and hook it up whatever the case maybe come on you guys you can't complain cause of your own ignorance. Pretty good

I dont like this game I dont like this game i like it better on a x-box i couldn't - even move i never won on the game i dont like this game i will only play it on x-boxes i dont like this game Surprisingly

One problem I loved it was exciting and a thrill playing but alot of ads kept popping up please fix it so we can enjoy this game for years

Why do you have to have cardboard? My iPad is not computable with cardboard. How do you go to the city instead of just shooting? Superb!

Useless With no controller support game is lame how am I suppose to tap the shoot button if my phones in a VR headset lol lame..Google magnet button needs to go

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