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Crocodile sim this game is very nice all you have to do is hunt other animals and earn free points from watching videos you will get 2000 points Flawless

Amazing It was so fun even tho I hade some lag. I think thay should put in other alligators , crocodiles , and hunters and allow you to go underwater . Worth it!

Nom nom I want to have a better run and walk with it! Cool

Like it I like it but just one thing is that you should make it so you can play with friends

awesome game like if you have a big family you can take down almost anything. people you have to get this game. one problem it lags so plz fix that and otherwise it is AWESOME .AWESOME GRAPHICS it is awesome

JUST ONE THING... There could have been levels!Its kind of boring when you're just in the savanna and oh! You can't swim in the water you just float and swim.

Ok hres a speshak something I found ...... OK step one look up gluten free ga!ea and find the game u want step two right da name down on a peacew of paper exactly and then type it in including apk for example(exact name of game.apk) step three find a place that is looks like............ A dark color Burt not vary dark and the game u want will be right there am pica of it will be there too. step four click down load(note: this is a two part meaning its a manul down load u must down load it and install it speritly)step five click install

Great but.......... Yeah its a great game but i want to make animals lose health if they go at the center of the river.I will then rate this app 5stars.:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-);D

LOVE IT This game is awesome I love the family of crocodiles they're so cute. Yes I've noticed the hole too. Its a little weird, but oh well. love it

LOVE IT This game is awesome I love the family of crocodiles they're so cute. Yes I've noticed the hole too. Its a little weird, but oh well.

Good game but Very cool game but can you make the crocodile dive so animals like elephant, rhino and lion could not see me when I attack them.

I love crocodiles so much !!!!!!!!!! I just bought 3 crocodile baby and they help me kill rhinos , deers, zebras,giraffes , fox etc I give 5 stars for it. Awesome game

Great!! I love it!!! I just ask a few requests, I was hoping you could add dens in the games, name your animal and name your pack members, not floating names but the one like in gluten free, and be able to drag food to your den( babies will need to grow by eating, then they can come out and hunt with you.) Thanks for listening, your games are one of my favorites :) Please consider one of my ideas.

Needs update But I'd love if The Turbo Games would update Crocodile game and make a home for the mother croc and her babbys. THEN I'LL DOWNLOAD IT!

I LOVE CROCODILES!!!!:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) I love it hunting family and more!!!!!!!! Love it u love cause I love.....BOOYAAHCACHA!!!!!!! See more about me and my animal friends bye guys thanks for making the game really it's sooooo fun! Thanks

AWESOME GAME!!! But could you go under water to surprise the animals? And could you add more animals like buffalo, wildebeest, hyenas..? And zebras and giraffes wouldn't ever attack you. Please make a hyena simulater..!!!!!!!!! Oh, and cool to find opening but there's just green water neato and my brother's Lego Star Wars characters agree!![ Sorry that's awkward]

Great game But I'd love if The Turbo Game companie would make a mother Cheetah and 4 baby's Enjoy it!

Awesome game I give this game four stars because I hate the fact that the other crodiles eat your stuff Works perfectly

Not that great The Trex and bear are pretty good so far. Don't think much of the crocodile version. Has some glitches and is different from the others that I've tried. There's no way to gain energy. On the others you usually drink water but not this one for some reason. Well done!!

Redmond patchicoy Its ok the game would be awesome if you add some more animals its so boring that there is no animal..the animal appears if you search around plss add some more animals like that you are in a africa.. Enjoy it!

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