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Doesn't work. Yes i have root but the passwords this app provides are just hashed passwords (note 4) But it does work on my nexus 6 so im not giving it 1 star but instead 3 since its not compatible with all devices. (Even with root mind you!) Cool

Retrieves the entered wifi passwords of all networks you join and displays them in a list. An export option to backup your list of passwords would be awesome. I couldn't find that option. **I started to experience, "Can't retrieve passwords, maybe device isn't rooted" error, although device is well rooted, and the program actually retrieved passwords once after first install. Right now it doesn't. Amazing!

Great fix! Opens the saved passwords on your device so you can help others connect to your router. Makes things work like earlier versions. Flawless

Awesome app loved it MY device is root. To know how to root GO TO CHANNEL UNIQUE VINES IN YOUR YOUTUBE Highly Recommend.

My friend input his wifi password to my phone i want to know his password but he wouldn't tell me. Now i can see his wifi password thanks to this app. wow lol

Work Perfectly Not Too much features.. but the developers are true in world.. it can read password ( saved wi-fi ) ..if you device is worked for me.. Fantastic

Awesome This is great for anybody with a default wifi password, as it allows you to display it on your phone, so inputting it into other devices is much easier. This is a must have for any rooted device! Just wow

Kudos! Brilliant

Great This is really a great app .... I have seen comments ... many people say that their phone is not rooted ... to root phone just download kingroot app from google ... you wont find this app in playstore.... with kingroot app you can root your phone and you can see all the wifi password saved in your phone .... Superb!

Works but Make a donation version to let users get rid of advertisement. Also, implement a note field to allow users identify each recorded network. Many of them are not easy to remember by name and some have the same (default names such as dlink) . Working perfect on Samsung Jelly bean. Galaxy win duos Perfect!

It works, alright.. but I can confirm the criticism already brought up by others, that the app doesn't wait for the SU confirmation and just claims the device wasn't rooted although it is. If you just start the app 2-3 times in a row then the previous SU request is eventually confirmed right before the next request and then you're in and it lists your WiFi passwords. Well, it's not like you should need this app on a daily basis, so it's fair enough. Cool

Great Does exactly what it said it would do. I was able to retrieve an old password I had forgotten about but still needed. Thank you very much Amazing!

apps okserves it purpose also at another note for the guys below me use the updates king root works for updated phone (current version) Perfect

D ultimate!! D oly thing uve gotto root ua android.Nd d key s n in front on ua screen!!love it Enjoy it!

Great app Sorry about my last rating as my phone is not rooted properly. As I reroot and it works like a charm. Thanks so much for this app ! Superb!

Stormtooper Hi man how are you ? If you want to root your galaxy you should have ( KINGOROOT.EXE ) on your desktop or you can use KINGOROOT OR MASTER ROOT .APK .. THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO ROOT YOUR PHONE Great job

had a issue on cm12.1 does what it says i.e. saves passwords. not working on cm12.1 don't know why, even after giving root permission again. wow lol

Awesome but... This app works but it doesn't show the correct password it shows a very long password . I am running android version 5.0.1 lollipop Pretty good

Great app But, it has su access and my phone is rooted. But the app doesn't recognize it when I boot it. Muito bom!

Works perfect in one phone doesn't work in my other phone. The joys of different Android system's Go well

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