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This app was very useful. Ive done a lot of wifi connections by using this app. Thank you very much, I suggest to improve more in every way. Not bad

Secures the TWYT over a straight WTT. Not intended to circumnavigate the TWIT! NOTE: BE SURE TO DISABLE QSRT IN SETTINGS OR ALL DATA WILL BE LOST! Muito bom!

Great tool, I have it on both my phone and Epad. I have used it when setting up a router or access point to get a view of what chanels others in the area were using so I could stay away from them Surprisingly

Im on 7.1 and I cant switch from 5ghz to 2.4ghz. Its the same ssid but different macs Recommend

Very useful when an SSID has multiple interfaces and you want to connect to a specific one/band instead of automatically connecting to the strongest signal when roaming. The feature should be built into Wifi Analyzer out of the box. Not bad

A normal app, doesn't do much than allowing you to connect to WiFi from the WiFi analyzer app itself. I'm surprised that this isn't included in the main app itself. Great!

Makes the functionality of WiFi Analyzer better. Can cherry-pick networks & connect to them. wow lol

Now works on marshmallow, my only slight issue is that it doesn't let you pick an individual access point to connect to and connects you to the one with highest signal regardless of what you clicked on. I think this is an android limitation though so no problem. Awesome

Excellent Tool Not sure whether folks just aren't grasping the concept of this tool...I've used on multiple versions of Android including Marshmallow and CM 13.1 without problem. But, that's the struggle with Android - too much variety means instability is a guarantee. Not to mention typically poor optimisation. Muito bom!

Allows you to connect to specific APs Very useful if you're trying to troubleshoot a large WiFi install with multiple APs. I've actually used it at hotels, to pick a more reliable AP when my closest/default AP was defective Just wow

Small but very, very useful A simple add in to the main WiFi Analyzer app that comes in very handy when constantly having to connect to a variety of networks. Pretty good

My speed I am getting 136Mbps download and 22Mbps upload from my wired pc and router I pay 70.00 for everything unlimited data the works Marvelous

Not Android OS MM v6.0.1 compatible? Have used this Wi-Fi utility app for years, with great success. My AT&T 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S®6 active was just upgraded to Android OS v6.0.1. It no longer allows you to change access points from within the app. You get a "Failed!" message, each time. Everything else in the app seems to work, properly, however; I can still change networks using the stock Android Wi-Fi tool. Hope there's a forthcoming fix for this. No response from developer. Abandonware? :::crickets::: Surprisingly

Does exactly what it's made to do. If you're not qualified to remark or review (don't know what it is or what it does) then Don't! Why would you? An old saying that always comes to mind-- Those of you who think you know what your doing are very annoying to those of us who do. - unknown Fantastic

Works! Does what it says. I found out the best channel for less interference on routers is channel 1. A lot of people use channel 6 or 11 and those channels are proned to a lot of interference and slows down your WiFi speed and sometimes will disconnect your phone or computer from it. After switching to channel 1 I haven't had any interference problems at all. Perfect

Required add-on to WiFi Analyzer app Not sure why this add-on wasn't simply included with the 'WiFi Analyzer' app it was made for. It's silly to think people wouldn't want it included to begin with. Aside from their goofy decision to make this a separate download, of all the WiFi apps out there, this is among the more useful of the lot. Awesome

No longer works on Android 6.0 Like someone else mentioned, after the marshmallow update this now says "Failed!" when trying to connect through wifi analyzer. No big deal though as I just used it for convenience when testing my router. Nice while it lasted but not a deal breaker. Galaxy S6 Worth it!

Problem solver This app fixed the connection problem I had trying to connect my LG tablet to the router at a house I was renting. Saved my bacon! Works great

Fun to take a drive and read the goofy and sometimes intimidating names of people's home networks, as well as their brands of routers and printers, show up on your screen! Brilliant

Great addon Wifi Analyser allows you see what is available. The Connecter addon allows you to select the better wifi signal if there are multiple choices. Like at parks hotels and camp grounds. Fabulous!

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