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Using android 6 with miui, and while the phone is already connected to a Wi-Fi AP,, the app thinks there's no internet connection Recommend

I have been using this app for about 8 years now. Its very, very useful. Thanks dev!!! Fantastic

Great app, let me check what Wi-Fi channels my neighbours are using so I can select the less crowded chanels on my modem router. Also help check the signal strengh for my Wi-Fi around the house. Works for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Muito bom!

Invaluable tool for setting up a WiFi network. Lightweight and fast. Does what it says and has worked on every device I've installed it on Good

I compare it with my professional analyzer and almost no difference. Sims to be very good and accurate. Also, NO AD'S and this is a big + love it

Great app. I use it often. A great new feature would be to be able to create a list of networks (SSIDs) to ignore. We have several business nearby that each have access points on common channels. This makes for a very crowded display! Surprisingly

Simply the best! Fantastic WiFi info in a simple multi window layout! One of the first of it's kind on the android OS and still the best that I know of that is for free. Great!

As a broadband tech, I use it almost daily! It's simple, accurate, and reliable. Not bad

Works well to see what channels are being flooded. Works for 2.4Ghz and 5 GHz. To switch between the two you have to press on the 2.4G the top left corner. Well done!!

Tom Silvers, it appears you didn't click the 2.4 Ghz button to switch to 5 Ghz. Both bands are there. This is such an easy app to use. Amazing!

This app IS AMAZING.Its not a troll or fake ones like the others This app is usefull.You need to get it!! Good

The channel graph chart really helped in picking the best channel to avoid interference, however the chart with the star ratings is not working correctly as many other reviews gave said. Cool

Very helpful for finding areas with strong signal, however rated 3 because there are no option to manually refresh, can't filter WiFi signals that appear, to see a specific one only, and can't see both 2.4 and 5ghz simultaneously. Great!

Easy app which gives you insights into who else is using the same channel, allowing you to switch channels on your router for less interference. Well done!!

Very useful and graphically beautiful. Allowed me to find a hidden router in the rafters of a hotel I was working at. Top notch. Cheers to the devs. Must have

Needs to update the database using which you identify the router's manufacturer because it's very outdated and doesn't identify the manufacturer of either of my 2 routers, but other similar apps can. Other than this good app. Fabulous!

Hats off to the developer on this app. This is one of my go to's when Network troubleshooting the Simplicity of it the read out, one of my key networking Arsenal tools. Only one complaint and there's no paid version of this app that I can find to get rid of the ads, yes you can hide ads for a period of time but it be nice just to purchase this app and be done with it all together. Enjoy it!

Been trying to use it for work today, so had it open for about 2 hours straight, and this is the second time in that time period that my Moto G4 Plus running Android 7.0 has suddenly rebooted while the app is open. Have it set to the fastest refresh rate, can't see that being the issue though? Worth a go!

Perfect multi functional app but please consider a pro version with no ads. I'd pay! Many thanks. Muito bom!

As simple or complex a look at your Wifi network's strength as you want. Just what I needed with an elegant interface. Well done!!

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