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WIBR + WIfi BRuteforce hack Summary

WIBR + WIfi BRuteforce hack is a high-level application for testing WPA / WPA2 PSK WiFi network security. Currently, this program supports two types of attacks

1. Dictionary Attack: WIBR + tries one-by-one in a predefined list of passwords, and if it can not find a password, it simply means that it is not in the dictionary. However, if the key is set to "12345678" or "Password", it will be detected. WIBR + supports importing your own password lists, so you are not limited by the pre-installed dictionary!

2. Violent Attacks - You can select the alphabet, the length of the password, and the application will attempt to combine all the characters in the alphabet. Of course, this is completely crazy, because the number of combinations with the length of the exponential growth of the password. Therefore, WIBR + supports custom alphabets and custom masks. If you know the password is hacking and two digits, you can set the mask to hack and select the alphabet.

WIBR + WIfi How to use BRuteforce

1) Select the network you want, and WIBR + will automatically test on a WPA / WPA2 network with pre-shared key (PSK). But if your network signal may be weak test failure

2) Select the required dictionary or set bruteforce test, WIBR + WIfi BRuteforce comes with three words list can use some of these things the most common list, if you do not contain the user you need to add their own txt format dictionary import, But note that the minimum length requires 8 characters if you have less than 8 characters. The program will automatically skip without testing.

3) the first two points if you have set up, then please be patient, the results should be tested so wait for the results of some long wait patiently waiting for WiFi during the test has been enabled to ensure smooth, Testing a previously saved network may result in the loss of a previous password

4) WIBR + WIfi BRuteforce can not be used normally

Really Amazing tools! Love it.

Very good! I think i found a new bug. After using the app my wifi will not disable. Even if i close the app and turn off my wifi it turns itself back on 3 seconds later. I have to restart my phone after every use to keep my wifi from turning itself on. Will give full stars when fixed - galaxy s IIx

Not useable for me.! On both my galaxy tab 2 and galaxy s4 it will reach a speed of 6 or so passwords per min.(same as in the preview images too) Considing a modern desktop pc if set up right in will do 2 to 4 billion a second..with most pcs easily in the millions at least. At 6 per min you will crack nothing ever. Do not buy as a serious hacking tool.. will change rating if replied to and sped up.. Recommend to get WIBR+ WIfi BRuteforce hack APK.

#battery-monitor is running! Now the app is running (updated version fixed the bug already). I'd tried it on my own wifi, and it works. Just it takes time to figure it out. Looking forward to the next update which will emphasize on the hacking speed for both the bruteforce and dictionary methods.

#battery-monitor Works :)! Nice job dev, works great! Also nice clean interface without all that "like us on facebook" garbage etc, thats included in so many apps, love it! 5 star, thanks again dev, hope you keep it simple and uncluttered in future versions :)

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