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Pretty good

5 star

This seemed legit and I found out who was looking at my account. Thank you very much. Marvelous

It's stupid. They made me give the positive review in order to earn coins that I have to use to actually see who viewed my profile. Otherwise it's impossible. Muito bom!

Not as useful as I thought, everything deals with coins. It could just be better next time. Omg

So far it's really good! If you get frustrated with the whole coin thing, don't. Just think of it as you playing a little game! That's what I do. Brilliant

Amazing, I can see who is "stalking" me. Lol, found out it was just my friends. Helpful, easy to use. Must have

You have to do a lot of stuff for followers. Not really worth it. I put 5 stars so I could earn 3 coins lol Go well

It works but the coins are kinda irritating. I wish there was a faster way to get them Flawless

It's a nice app.. If uh wanna check the stalkers.. You will need to buy or earn the coins required . Recommend

Its a wonderful app. It tells me how many people have been on my profile, but if i dont follow them it dosent tell me who they are. Witch is disapointing and all. But other than that i recommend this app if you want to find out who is snopping your profile. Brilliant

Can't say how well it works because I need to have a certain amount of "coins" in order to see the features & they asked me to give a good review in return for coins but I'll just give my honest review Highly Recommend.

i actually dont mind this app. its useful. you do have to spend a little bit if you want extensive results, but just for a quick checkup, its pretty good. Great job

It's a good app that one can use and doesn't have any ads like other do . I'd recommend to other people Amazing!


Okay, I'm giving this all 5 stars. But just because it gives me coins for it. Idk if it works yet Good

It is really good because instead of making you use actually money to view things you can earn coins so you can see who's viewing your profile. so I do really like this app Great job

It would get a 5 if it didn't make you pay coins to update but otherwise it's good!! Marvelous

Can tell me who has looked my profile so I don't get any weird people who stalk me. Muito bom!

This is an awesome app only u need to earn coins.... But else it is an awesome app..... Helps to know u who is stalking ur insta profile Just wow

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