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I love this app! Perfect when I am away from home and without my sound machine. I love the different types of white noise and depending on my mood like the brown/pink noise... great job! Marvelous

Perfect when used with noise reducing headphones, to disguise my nuisance neighbour! Very calming and a lovely range of sounds. Just wow

Easy to setup use, out of whire noise apps I tried. Also had most actual "white noise" choices. Thx Worth a go!

Love the brown noise setting! It's a lower pitch, more soothing with no noticeable loops like some of the other settings. Must have

I think this app has saved my sanity ! I have pulsatile tinnitus and the pink noise helps me sleep through the night ! Thank you so much. Just wow

Edit: I have been using this app for three years and I love it. I can't find good soundtracks for "heavy rain and thunder" anywhere else. This is a 4-star because I purchased a Sonos speaker and I can't get the app to play through it, otherwise it would be a 5-star rating. If at all possible. I would looooovvveeeee to update this and be able to play it from that speaker. I can play every other app I have, but this one though it. _______________________ 8/15 My boyfriend and I love this application. It helps us get to sleep faster and I no longer wake up.several times per night. Fabulous!

Love the white noise and being able to set a cut off time. The alarm feature has been unreliable. It failed to go off the last two days. Perfect

So useful to have on your phone. Makes sleep possible even in noisy hotels with paper-thin walls. Love that you can mix noises and that it mutes everything except for the alarm. Perfect. Must have

I travel frequently and could not rest without this App. At home, I am fan trained when it come to sleep. However, when I travel lugging a fan everywhere is not possible. This App provides the "White Noise" I need to sleep. Just wow

I love that you can customize and mix sounds together. The only thing its missing is space station sounds, but the airplane is close enough. Flawless

I love the app and use it every night, but there are times when it turns off suddenly in the middle of the night (which of course wakes me up!). When I check my phone to turn it back on, the "rate this app" screen is showing. Surely it's not set to wake me up then ask if I like it (!). I wish I could figure out how to make it not do that. love it

I've been using this app since my first Android phone years ago. It has been a life saver and the Airplane noise sound has literally put me to bed thousands of nights. Thanks you..creator!! Worth a go!

Always use the brown noise sound when I go to sleep when there are distracting things in the environment. Blocks out TV and talking Well done!!

This has been randomly shutting off lately, which is annoying as I use it to sleep and it wakes me up. Marvelous

This is a great app! It covers my husband's snores. It covers the dog barking constantly in the neighborhood! It lulls me to sleep. It's just a great app! Muito bom!

This app has the distinct different white noises and combinations that are possible that lets you dial Ian the background noises that individuals have it's awesome I wish that I could find this level of programming in a standalone unit I would buy it thank you Well done!!

Can't sleep without noise and tgis is the perfect app. So many chooses for background noise. It's great. Helps me relax and fall asleep peacefully. I also l9ve that you can set a timer so it doesn't run all night. Perfect

I set the alarm, but it doesn't go off, it just shuts the alarm part off, like it was never even set. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success. Looking for an app that will work. Updated 2.2018. Still have occasional issues with the alarm resetting itself or whatever happens when it doesn't go off, but love everything else. Great job

Found a way to use my phone and play white noise at the same time on my galaxy s7 active. I use this every night while nursing baby to sleep. She loves the airplane and hairdryer sounds. We also use this app on our iPad Great!

I love that can make the combination that best suits my needs and what soothes me. I also like that when I'm wearing headphones the surround sound feature is available to make it very eclectic in pattern, Etc. Not bad

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