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Installed this app and another last night,for my chronic tinnitus.I have to say this app is AMAZING! Helped a lot,I slept.It was so easy to use,which is great,when you need noise in your ears fast! I used it with earbuds. It was just GREAT! 5 star

It has a nice selection, however, it keeps cutting while it's playing, like if the recording was reaching the end and restarting. This makes it disturbing instead of helping to relax and concentrate. Otherwise would be 5 stars. 5 star

It really helped me a lot to overcome insomnia. Without it I should have been trapped inside serious health issues. Thanks a lot to all the creator. It has made my life beautiful. Good

Unfortunately, most of the sounds on this app fade in and out on my tablet, as if they're on a loop of about 45 seconds. So it ends up being more of a distraction than a help for falling asleep. It seemed to work well at first, so I'm not sure what the problem is, but if anyone knows how to fix it that would be awesome! Great!

Nifty little app - has a number of relaxing sounds (ocean, wind, crickets) that you can play indefinitely or on a timer. You can play more than one soundtrack at a time like fire crackling + leaves rustling. I live in a noisy downtown area and this app has become completely invaluable to me. Recommend

I suffer from tinnitus and always need to sleep with a fan on... Last week my fan suddenly stopped... I downloaded a few apps, but this one was the lifesaver. Sleeping with ease since the fan here is so realistic at low volume. Thank you.! Cool

Great depth of features. It has more than I could ask for. Also the noises are simple and nice. Some white noise apps are guilty of having very distracting ambient noise, but not this one. Thanks for making it! Perfect

Works exactly as advertised. Just what I needed to help me concentrate and down out back ground noises while doing homework at the coffeehouse. Works great

Great ambient noise mixer. I haven't seen another app that allows you to create your own personal mix of noises like this app does. Really enjoy trying new soinds together to see what works best. Plus the pre-programed sounds are fantastic if you don't have the time to mix your own. Great job

I have never seen such an accurate app!! Its the best app for you if you are looking for white noise. The app has a variety of white noises and all of them are realistic, pleasant to hear and clear. Good job guys Surprisingly

I found this app after finding I could study well on planes. The car sound is fabulous for blocking out background noise while I study without being either too engaging (like music) or distractingly monotone/sharp (like traditional white noise). The interface is intuitive and beautiful. Thanks! Works perfectly

This is a great noise app, whether I'm using it for brown noise or camping sounds (crickets, wind, and campfire). And it barely uses battery, like 1% an hour over a wired connection. Highly recommended. Perfect!

I rate this 5 star or more if possible, it simply does the job, it's quick and easy to use, it includes a range of sounds which you can personalize to integrate different types of sound playing together, theres no limitation as to how many sounds you can play together and you can change the volume for one and another either at low or high either smoothen the frequency or increase the pitch. Once you download, you don't need WiFi connection and you can play the sound while using other apps at the same time which is great for reading or doing research on your devise. I also like it's feature where you can play the sound even when your device is turned off which isn't available for other apps the same as this.Overall, it does the job for you and It's quick and easy access Highly Recommend.

I love this app. It helps me get the perfect white noise to get my baby to sleep, and I can turn off the screen (unlike a YouTube video). It's exactly what I needed. Enjoy it!

More than a white noise generator. I use only the brown noise and white noise recordings, though there are many organic sound loops. The timer function is nice, especially if you want to use the app to help you fall asleep. You can mix several of the sound loops in individually different sound levels and save them as "favorite" mixes, and that is a nice feature, as well. Enjoy it!

I'm a chronic insomniac to the point where I'm having real health complications from it. Awaiting an overnight sleep study at the hospital as when I did the take home kit 1.5 years ago, they couldn't analyze any data as I literally didn't sleep. Been on homeopathic melatonin supplements and having mixed success. This app though, has been a God send for me in the last 7 days. I've had better overnight sleep than I have in 5 years. Never uninstalling this app. Can't sleep without it. Thank you. love it

This is a really good app. It has a good interface allowing you to play multiple sounds at the same time. The other nice function is you can adjust the volume for each sound separately. Giving you a nice balance for falling asleep to. Only thing I wish it had was a airliner engine sound. Like the Rain Rain app (but without the annoying clicks lol) Fabulous!

I've been surprised at how well this white noise dulls my noisy roommates. The app is easy to use, and it makes a big difference for me Great job

Does what it says. I love the individual controls of each sound. So you can build your own personal noise. Have done my best to recreate the sounds at my great grandparents house from when I was a kid. Great job Not bad

This really is a great app. Plenty of customization and a very user-friendly interface. And you can't beat the price!! (at times, however, there's a weird buzzing noise. It's not enough for me to dock my review - especially since the app is free - but I feel like I should let you guys know) Muito bom!

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