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Its a great app, and about the ads I believe it has nothing to do with the app's developers, those are google ads and you can always opt out on settings>apps>google>ads Enjoy it!

Why are my messages and video clips displaying so tiny on my device? These ads are most irritating, that's for sure Works perfectly

It's good app but that's shows other once online for long time means if u want to hide u with him or her that's not possible it's must auto download messages pic and vedios in ur inbox Must have

I think it's okay but it always says that i am online even after I close the app. Also voice notes and videos not loading. Please fix. Thanks Omg

i appreciate u (aap founder) nice type of app but contaning too many adds in aap plz remove adds then otz more good Highly Recommend.

I think this app is helpful but like a range is limited or after some time again Scan that QR code I can't suggest to install this .... Just wow

Wow this is great but will be better if you can store connections and retrieve later and save massage to... Tomsup Go well

It's a great app, a lot of adds but I think we can live with that, now, the fact that we can not hear from other devices the voice messages we receive on the cellphone is big minus, please fix that and you will be kings Pretty good

One of the bestest app to keep on eye on ur frnds,bf/gf,children.Although i downloaded mny other apps lke scan QR,parallel space bt ech tym aftr loggng out thse apps usd to nvr gt ths app hs no as sch doubt desrves a 5 star fr sure Omg

Gud app but need to improve.. Data updation delay.. It can't work in normal data speed, Need strong data connection... Enjoy it!

sir pls give me a software hacked the others mobile only for his mobile number ...plzzzzzz Perfect!

I would like to ask; can i stil receive my messages if the phone i have hacked is (1000) miles away from??, me let me let me say if i travel to another country far away from were i ve left the phone,can i stil receive the messages?? wow lol

10x for this app I can read but I canr hear the voice converstation can I have answer? Works great

This app is very awesome ... I can open my 2nd whatsapp account in 1 device. Keep updating! Thank you ! Pretty good

It's good for tracking.. But mostly ph was not connected quickly as we expect.. Cool

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