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I think its good..just that i hope there will be many improvement like u can write their own status..we can send pic like the real whatsapp..and perhaps we can open their display profile also like the original version Perfect!

Look the app is okay and nothing beond so I wasn't going to rate it but after the 15th I gave in they won I lost I Worth it!

Works perfectly

5 star

Worth it!

Really cool app to trick mates with. I just wish you could do voice calls tho. Like you would type up what the conversation would go like and when you finished saying what you had to say they would start talking. Fantastic

It's cool and I really like the idea of making up an account to talk to but I wish you could edit the person and make them your mom boyfriend or someone else 5 star

This is the best and most awsom apo ever I can trick Mt friends my mom and my sis I love it and it will be cooler when they put those new features in too Cool




Just wow

Its really cool I can pretend that I have famous people's numbers and tell my friends I have there numbers and I just want to say thank you for making this app Fantastic

Must have

I think it is a very good app! You should however make it easier to switch between sender and receiver by swiping horizonally across the screen. *Thumps up* Surprisingly

It's fun to use, just in case you want to prank one of those friends that annoy you too much! :D Highly Recommend.

There's one annoying thing ! The name of the guy we're talking to is too much on the right Which means we can't see it and can't take a screenshot right ! Flawless

1. It won't let me send pictures 2. Update the emojis so they look like the recent ones 3. Great app!! Omg

It is amazing! I've trucked loads if my friends thinking I've got famous celebrity's numbers! Marvelous

I rated 5 stars, I'd like to have more features. U said u would add more features if I rated 5 stars. Awesome

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