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I pranked my aunt and it worked so I think its good to prank your friends and family Great job

Its so cool but someone can tell me how to send message from your friend plesssse Pretty good

Soo awesome !!!!!!! Plz download best game ever I pranked my sis it was very funny hhahahah Great job

Well this app it's pretty good but you have add more features in this application Brilliant

برنامج اكثر من رائع لكن ليس احسن من برنامجي love it

It is amazing, you can't find anything like it. And, I you do, it won't be as amazing as this one. It looks legitamit! Not very advanced yet, but I'm looking forward to the next version. Keep up the good work! Muito bom!

I just looooovvvveeedddd this ....its really amazing... As April full day is coming so yaah.... Very useful app Well done!!

Its ok i mean u can say wat ever and it feels so real ishowed my friends my girlfriend and they believe it up to now wow lol

I like it alot I pranked some freinds and it's super cool! Waiting for the new features tho Great job

It is amazing..... .......i pranked my sister with it she nt down so well PS. she caught my every prank. Go well

It's a good game but they should upgrade so I can call and shot and really cool stuff like that but other than that it's a really cool app Must have

Precisely.....amazing app .....just loved it .....great 4 making anyone fool....awesome... Recommend

Love it really good for pranks just waiting for calls,picture and voice noat now. Fantastic

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