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Like seriously it's not bad but it's not fair we have 2 do thing to get more features Perfect

Shadow The hedgehog: my name a long ago used to be... SANIC OOOOOOOHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOH i'm just kidding i loved it it's so cool Love it my dream came true I was on those stupid computer games that r so boring but at least this game came out *POP* like a balloon i was thinking of this game a lot Thx for making this game and we all apreciate you Highly Recommend.

Круто !!! Жаль только, что нельзя создать группу с несколькими людьми. Если вы исправили, это было бы лучшее приложение фейк-переписок ! Just wow

You guys are the best cause when I feel lonely I act like the people are actually texting me Great!

Amazing! No rentals or any trailers it does not even glitch .. i would recommend this! Àmazing Great job

I'm looking how it is. If it is bad I will uninstall it soon sounds good people is it helpful it is David! 5 star

This app is good but it can be excellent if this app users can send photos and videos and make a fake screenshots so i am giving it 3 stars,when the app will be modified and the app can send media files for fake screenshots then i think all the the users will give it 5 stars but the worst thing in mostly all the apps are the worst ads many of people are not giving 5 stars only for the worst ads so the app maker should upgrade this app and make it ads free so peoples will be agree ro give this app 5 stars. Go well

I love this app cauz it keeps me from being bored and i am tricking my friends and dey believe,,,love dis app❣ Brilliant

എടാ ഇതൊരു കിടു ആപ്പാണ് കേട്ടോ ഇത് കിടുക്കി കലക്കി തിമിർത്തു നുമ്മ സൂര്യ അണ്ണൻ വാഴ്ക we r THUNDER BULLS ഡാരിൻ , രാജുഭായ് , ജോമോൻ Muito bom!

I loved it but you poor people means nonsense people and you know i am the rich girl i am 10 years old Just wow

Really it's a hard work. Should appreciate the maker, just awesome. great. No mistakes at all except the status above the chat. Easy to use. Must have

App is awesome... BTW how to prank wd anyone.... If there is no option for the other person to reply Highly Recommend.

Sapne tu mera dimag kharab kar diya Agar Main Boise maybe record Karke Har Kisi Ko prank karna chahta Bhi Mann kar sakte hain Kyunki Kyunki because the reason is if main Baba Tera 5 stars5 start the work of the world and I don't want to say anything I want to delete this app understand you 5 star

Nice.But please make it a bit more real.And when we turn it on,at corner it is written WHATSFAKE...change it to WHATSAPP...PLEASE.Then I'd surely give it 5stars Works great

I loved it because my mom thought it was real and I have so much fun with it also everyone thought it was awesome Superb!

Its an amazing app! The quality is so cool and it seems to be real! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! Perfect!

I pranked my mom by acting as if a girl texted me and said she was pregnant and the baby was mine priceless Go well

It's a really nice app But lately it keep on saying "unfortunately whatsfake has stopped " 5 star

It's so real but it's a bit unreal pls change the name to whatsapp (f) not whatsfake thanks Recommend

Its great but u need to bring out that u can send photos and stuff and that it says WhatsApp not fake app Surprisingly

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