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I love it. But it rate 5 stars the Word rate 5 stars always pops up so I cannot talk in the voice even though I restart my device but I still rate 5 stars. Omg

This is the best app so far I could find in play can have fun with people with fake messages..I recommend this app strongly Just wow

Interesting and best app for fun....but add all features which real whatsapp provide... Good

Very nice app for to spend free time please download it and give 5 stars to it Not bad

Its font size is too small soo it does not look original and screenshot in my tab Eblu.Berry B732 does not work so please fix it as soon as possible ....... Otherwise this app is a great app wow lol

I liked the app. It can be very good if you want to pull a prank on someone that you may not like Muito bom!

It is much better than other one but there should be an option remove ads then it will be better Enjoy it!

Easy to make other fools I just installed and I loved it it likes really real.We can prank others easily.but I can't sent voice messages or any other attachment files which is bad feature of it. Highly Recommend.

Easy to make other fools I just installed and I loved it it likes really real.We can prank others easily. Worth a go!

Awesome! 2 things to work on: Scrolling back up, and making group chats. Otherwise it's awesome, really. Amazing!

Great app to prank friends and family. Although it would be cooler if you were able to actually talk to someone on the app Superb!

Good one! I really enjoy the app, but I miss groups! Please hurry and let the users create groups with their own people ;) Like the real whatsapp XD I really need fake group chats! And also vids, pics, voice messages, and of course, the profile should be better. If I give a contact a pic its not the same in the chat, like it looks not good (know what I mean?) and some feature, maybe the chat you used last can be on top? Worth it!

It is amazing I fake text my boyfriend she said who you texting s U said boy-friend she got mad I said it is fake Good

I love this app because I "text" my sis and we have fun doing that so that is why I love this app etc; Not bad

That is a good app for making pranks...... Great job

Awesome It seems so real and so convincing if you are looking for a nice fake texting app this would be perfect for you. Highly Recommend.

This app is trash. It doesn't have an option to send any kind of attanchment, but instead it asks to rate 5 stars to encourage them when you press to send an attanchment. I will not encourage that kind of behaviour. You basically can't do anything else but send basic text based messages. Works great

I think this app is perfect for me and I bored i will message others in this app Well done!!

I love this app I catch on so much nonsense with it that people think they owe me stuff but forgot about it its an amazing game with awesome features Awesome

This app is the great app i think saw ever of mah life i like this app i think this app is so usefull to flirt your gf Worth it!

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