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gr8 aap ever but the problem is when i open attatchments to send,than the option is cmng to give a 5star than the attatchment will be open but i have done even that advertising is showing its an adroable Highly Recommend.

As u can see in my DP that means my pic here and i look quite young, so im actually 12 and this is the best app for prankin' ur friends Recommend

Its amazing when u wanted to play a trick but there should be a option to send and receive any kind of attachment so that we could make the trick be played better and anyways i enjoyed it a lot..... Must have

Lol. Hilarious app guys. Use wisely. I hope to see more features on this app like adding photos inside convos. Overall great app. Perfect!

I love this it's useful to trick friends but it would be nice if you let us call , send photos and video msg . other than that great app Great job

Wowww I love it Perfect!

This app is great if u r trying to trick someone but you can't send pics,videos or voice messages so it would be really nice if we were able to do that. ✌ Other than that Great app! Just wow

Can't add profile pick for conversation chat. It says something went wrong. Try to add from gallery... In redmi note 3 Pretty good

Just wow

Worth a go!

It will help if you can attach photo or record a voice too, you know it much better for fooling everyone Muito bom!


It's a great app, but I wish that I could set up the time of the call, and that it could actually use our ringtone. Works perfectly

I loved it pranking my friends they actually thought tom hardy was messaging me Fabulous!

I like it really because I was love someone who didn't love me ,, and now I make a long conversation between us every day and every second .. thank you very much for this application Fantastic

Yeah I rated it 5 stars because This app help me to prank my friends and only 1 thing is very bad That We can not send any media file we can send only text but in this app's title there is only fake conversation not media.... Just wow

Good It's a good app but if the features are of original whatsaap then it would be fabulous..... Plzz do everything as original whatsaap... Even calls too and plzz stop showing ads Fabulous!

Pretty sick although I wish you could make fake status/story posts And like make it seem more like the real whatapp so like voice notes, sending videos and pictures Must have

Mỹ mother really believed this is real hahahahahah Works perfectly

I like it its nice and if can do some more updates if cant its ok it is alreaddy soo good Omg

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