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Really a great app but i donn like one thing that we can't attach an pic into chats ..... But still too fun with this aap ...loved it Superb!

This is a really handy app that I didn't even know existed until today. I had a lot of fun playing around with it. Marvelous

Fun to use, but a hassle when it comes to changing/editing some things like the profile pictures and texts. Maybe because of the ads but otherwise its really fun !! Superb!

I loved it but had to uninstall because it said it was causing errors on my phone. Works great

Gd. But every time I try to watch an ad, it says my connection is lost. Tried on WiFi and data. Please help. Ty!!! Cool

I think you should add some calling features and some voice recording features and picture features. But otherwise I love the fake WhatsApp it's lovely. Not bad

Good luck with my mom is that Was performed automatically removed because you are not appropriate time for your life Fantastic

Please make sure the display of the main screen shows WhatsApp and not whatsfake. It'll be way cooler then Brilliant

This is very funny app very funny i like this so much first I thought this is very boring when I get i am very happy Perfect!

I can't change from sender to receiver, Every time it will ask me to give ratings, Awesome

Crossed all limits maken fool many of my friends and they believe it in first sight it helped me to practice to propose my teacher great thanks 5 star

Its good though a few to many ads but u should let us be able to send attachments Perfect

Very fun to use. It would work for texting videos! Or even to prank your friends! Works great

Fail app and fail developer..f irst i gave 5star rate .ofter i have to send photo. They app ask the rating i gave him 5 star rate.but all ways asking this. I all ready gave rate..but asking allways. Their is no feature in send photo. Worth a go!

Its absolutely amazing. But there is a small problem, Once you set the contact picture, you cant remove it. Please correct it Enjoy it!

Its awesome i wrote this 1 kak story nd my friend actually believed it Keep up the good work Good

خوبه فقط نمی دون چه جوری چند تا مخاطبش کنم Flawless

It's great I kinda like it! One thing I hate though is that, I think you should remove the things that are not yet implemented like the speaker, video call, all the icons that when you press it shows something about rating an app or something just so that you get "motivations' and you could add it in the future. I tried pranking my cousin and she tried to press one of the icons and she suspected me. I think the next update you should remove this and/or implement the icons that you can. Good app tho wow lol

I think that this app is not good but when I see then I really not believe so I give you five stars Pretty good

I love it but the thing is the words are smaller than the actual ones on whatsapp even though it doesn't make a big difference! I love t and it's really amazing. Not bad

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