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I love this!! i recommend this so much especially if you use whatsapp normaly! its such a amzing app when it comes to pranking things!! i really suggest you get it! Omg

It is amazing! I always prank everyone with it! Here are some ideas of how you can prank: 1. Make a unknown number tell you to challange you blue whale. 2. Say your a hacker and you can see them. Everyone share their ideas please! Perfect!

എടാ ഇതൊരു കിടു ആപ്പാണ് കേട്ടോ ഇത് കിടുക്കി കലക്കി തിമിർത്തു നുമ്മ സൂര്യ അണ്ണൻ വാഴ്ക we r THUNDER BULLS ഡാരിൻ , രാജുഭായ് , ജോമോൻ Great!

It's really good but not perfect. When you send two messages it looks weird. I'm on tablet so maybe that's why love it

The app is awesum.... i can fool anyone very easily... but there is a problem when i put a bg image on it.... it looks awkward when i put any imapr... please sort it out asap. Must have

It's really good app. But I am not able to put any emojis!! Can you pls tell you how ?? Worth a go!

I like the app it's just I wish you didn't have to do the sending and receiving But other than that I love it Surprisingly

Create fake chat screenshots that looks real! WhatsFake presents you the ULTIMATE PRANK for WhatsApp. You can Design a fake conversations with anyone you would like. You can easily design fake chats and edit every detail on the screen. After you finish editing the conversation just capture the screen and share it. Features: - Create fake chats with anyone (even Trump)! - 1:1 mirror image of the real deal, your friends won't know if it's fake! - Control both sides of the conversation - Alter every single detail in the conversation - Edit last seen, online, and typing statuses. - Edit waiting, sent, delivered, read message statuses. - And a lot more fun stuff! -It's super easy to make your ex jealous! Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated in any way with WhatsApp Inc. Its made for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true WhatsApp Messaging functionality.. Required permissions: > Network access: show advertising , anonymous reporting of errors and Receive Notifications > Storage access: selection of avatars Worth it!

Its so cute really,i can prank my friend and tell her I'm talking to slim shady Worth it!

Awesome app for fooling people wid simple conversations but lot of adds.I hope the developrers are reading my comment and improve it Fantastic

Um how do I type something that they said? It would be a great app if I knew how to do that :) Could someone help me plz :P Works great

Hahahsysydjwkwjwm M.s.Subbalakshmi and I got to know whether you have to get gun I'm Kurta and the one without music funny I'm the one without a s age Enjoy it!

It is a very good app.... I person can enjoy.... It.. When he is alone... Brilliant

I would like if u could record and send pics and also edit more ppl so it looks real for now its a little boring cause all u do is type Marvelous

Most of my friends are believers.So if you tell them one thing they believe you. And when you say another thing about it doesn't make sense they still believe you Muito bom!

I wrote to Ariana and pretended my BFF from my old school was texting me! Cool

Nice....but for some reason even after I have put 5 stars am not able to send image. Pls help Just wow

Amazing just amazing It's an amazing way to trick your friends that you have a bf Must have

Too many ads! Like people will fall for it if yu show it to hem but when they realize it says What's Fake it's just poop, well that's what happens when yu prank someone, they find out after but I didn't want that! 3 stars but still really good Go well

Awesome! 1 thing to work on: Making group chats. Otherwise it's awesome, really. I use it for a book, and it's just... fantastic Brilliant

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