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Why must it be fake it will be my dream please please please x1000 Flawless

Really AWESOME app, it just needs to remove the ads and let the background image stay. Other than that, I LOVED IT! It's also great for pranking your friends. Keep up the good work! Enjoy it!

Its really fun you can't talk to strangers, just yourself and act like them 2 AWESOME. Recommend

Wow, this was amazing, but how are you supposed to switch to the other person? Perfect!

Good app but it shows continuously to rate 5 stars but I have rated it early 5 stars so fix it . Go well

Great application maybe just make it not so easy to find the proof that its fake so that is someone says can I see its more obvious Go well

It's quite good but I don't like it when you haft to swap it over all of the time Fabulous!

Its amazing! I was doing a series with my toys and i screen recorded this and it was so good! Muito bom!

I like it when I prank my family and cousins and maybe I need like status... Good job for making this, keep it up! Works great

I loved this app . It is very useful on April fool days. And I can tell my friends that I have Taylor swift's number and she knows me . But please add the group chat feature . Works great

It's cool app..but please for the next update,add the group chat features Recommend

Amazing really addicting and I love to fool my friends, and I don't have to tell them what's going on. Superb!

Love it, it's great for tricking your friends. It has too many ads, but totally, it's ok, so I get it a five stars Enjoy it!

It's nice but I can't open it anymore, whenever I tap on it it immediately closes again. Idk what to do. Flawless

I loved it. I could fool my friends by showing them that Katy Perry is texting with me! But then the app crashed and I couldn't go on it anymore! I keep hoping I'll get it back but it always shuts down! Worth it!

This app wirkes like a charm! I tricked my friend to think that a killer clown that we called last year was sending me messages love it

It's really an amazing app . It's a great time killer. I made my friends fool with it. Must have

I think you need to make more features,but other than that its an awesome app Well done!!

I think it is great but I want to make more chats and I have to see an add for it. When I am trying to watch the add it says that my wifi isn't working though it is. I hope you solve that problem and please don't place sooo many adds. 5 star

More lag. Bit please improve your app. I cannot change my background. But i will rate 5 star for u because of your hardworking make this app. 5 star

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