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I talked with American hero Donald Trump... Haha Cool

Amazing. But can you keep the interface updated. There small differences. It's super helpful. Marvelous

It need to add feature of media.. And toggle between sender and receiver should be easier.. Cool

I think the space between time signals and text is too long so its dont really look like the real app. But after all, this app is good Pretty good

It's good but not like the one I use. Mine doesn't have PM/AM written on the timestamp. Plus the font size is smaller, don't know if I can adjust that. Anyway I'm gonna prank my girlfriend that I'm cheating on her so I hope it works!!! Great!

SOOOO fun, gosh guys you really must to install this freaking game in Ur phones!!! I love ittt Superb!

Its a very fun app. Its just ads, every time you click the contact you wanna text. Ad pops up. So 4 stars Brilliant

Like this app. Use it alot, to prank my friends,also when im bored but pls update the emoji. Real whatsapp have this new emojis (same emojis just look diffrent) so if you mind pls update so i look just like normal whatsapp's emojis. Cool

Really good. Just fix the length of the message box to make it perfectly realistic. Marvelous

It's pretty good! The texts look believable and everything is great. The ads are a bit much, but that's it. Perfect!

First I'll give it a 4 STARS! I really starting to like this app. It helps me a lot with my boredom . Thank you Go well

I planked my bffs since its Halloween tommorow I said that a killer clown was texting me! Please Make the call thing real but not like speaking to each other. Reply pls Highly Recommend.

It's so good I literally Fooled my friend with this it is good for keeping notes and stuff like that and very good Recommend

Love this app it's funny fools those fools all the time lol Perfect!

I think that this is actually really good! However one little problem, the layout is a bit too small which gives it away but other than that. 5 stars! Marvelous

It would be even cooler if you make it that it can do fake calls as well and even give you voice notes Perfect

I think its a great apps for someone like me. Every time i goes online, no one would text me unless i text them first Awesome

I would give 5 stars but the time dissapiers on "recivers" text when its more than one line. Please fix this. Then ill give 5 stars 5 star

I mean it is a good app...but .....nobody EVER TEXTS BACK TO ME....PLZ FIX NOW ... wow lol

It was good & I could write creatively! Next time make it easier to switch to different people, also even though I gave the app 5 stars it still wouldn't let me video or call. 5 star

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