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Not working properly It's is working some time and some time not. Suggest what to do? My mobile model is Samsung A5 6. Surprisingly

Awesome App Thiss app really helpd me alot. Thankyouuu soo muchh to the maker of this app. Plz just tell me at how far this app range catches and plz try to work on this range quality.. wow lol

Temporarily it will may use to web on whatsapp Thanks alot by giving such wonderful technics to show other whaysapp.but please to avoid such more ads in this.else nice to use Awesome

The trial version of this app is working fine for me. If i buy the app and install it on my phone will the existing account be deleted and has to be re installed? I will never have access to that phone again. Also Can i see deleted messages if i install the new whatscan pro.. purchased one? Also please let me knowbis it possible to know details of calls made on whatsapp. Well done!!

like it sir can u help me suppose I will scan WhatsApp and make it clone k after some time the mobile was switch off or we r clear ram usually so after that what we again scan the code.. Works perfectly

Retrying... Once we scan the QR code it run nicely but after some time its retrying and after tht i cant check any msgs..need update about that. Marvelous

Very nice app But it have a problem when ever we drag it up and leave progress so it disappear and have to drag it up again....plz fix it 5 star

Cool app But some minor problems like it load very very slow so please make update of it thank you Brilliant

Don't know why when I did install it suddenly it goes back . So many times it I will use it. Omg

good app in this app I can't listen the voice record which sent and accept voice recordings plz suggest me sir Flawless

Working 18th-dec-2016.check it vth both sides net connection.not only 2nd time. All d times. Awesome

Sir i want to find that account which i was scane but i can find now it s again looking code . Y i find it again. Muito bom!

Best Apk for Spying on Loved one This Apk come in handy for spying on loved ones I did get her History of 6 Month's back wow!!! ill be buy Pro Version soon guaranteed Plz add feature of multi Account plzz Works perfectly

Improve it There should be notification when anyone message in whatscan whatsapp and no need to open keyboard when chat is opened. Pretty good

Would hv given full star but the problem is- to Spy u need to hv active net on both sets and voice recording z not downloadable.. 5 star

Hmm... Hey creator? Just want to say that your app is a little bit laggy..please fix it Omg

Make it possible that see the data when the other side loose the net connection. Highly Recommend.

dowload cashboss and fill refrel code 99BEA9 to get 50rs paytm cah hurry up offer is for limted period Must have

Many times it don't work properly even after having 4g keep suggesting me to make sure my phone has an activei nternet connection. I am really irritated with this app. Awesome

It's good But I'm hvein prblm I have done this on my kid phone but oly when I'm near him I can open hz account through this app but when he away lyk in collage I cnt open hz watsapp . So is there any distance limit ?? Not bad

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