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Good one Effective.. But very slowly working.. sometimes your phone may hang.. so be careful Brilliant

Good It is nice app we use both mobiles whatsapp on same account but there is disadvantage it is not showed notification for that... Worth a go!

Its amazing app I also install this app & i full of satisfy very nice app but some time is advertise problem wow lol

ultimate app ultimate app . but would have been more better if we can send QR code screenshot and other can scan . rather than scanning live. Pretty good

can we make any one scan this code via screen shot...does it works...the mobile iwant spy is in another place...please let me know Just wow

Sai Really love this app we can hack other device WhatsApp it soo good I love it and I will give it 5 star rating for this site who has lovers they must should use but they should have doubt on ur girlfriend and scan the code and what she is DNG u can see it Not bad

Amazing!!! Just loving it. .using it from a perfect ! Guys who are complaining pls make sure you have stable Internet on both the sides. .thats it. .and njoy. .thnx again. Marvelous

How do I know d other person is getting messag es, can't we get notifications? I've to open the app again and again to see the messages love it

Deleted posts The trial version of this app is working fine for me. If i buy the app and install it on my phone then..1) will the scanned account be deleted and has to be reinstalled? 2) Can i retrieve the messages deleted by the target whatsapp a/c? 3) will it be possible to know details of whatsapp calls made by the target whatsapp a/c. Great job

Deleted posts The trial version of this app is working fine for me. If i buy the app and install it on my phone will the existing account be deleted and has to be re installed? I will never have access to that phone again. Also Can i see deleted messages if i install the new whatscan pro.. purchased one? Also please let me know is it possible to know details of calls made on whatsapp. Just wow

Good app but very slow loading and contains many adds Its very slow loading and unable to see Smiley's sent , and also contains many adds which will be irritating and also make the appearance better .. If fixed these issues then its worth of 5stars Great job

Great App But!.... Great app.. I love it. But the the only problem is I cannot hear voice notes or transfer them why is that? I would like to hear the voice notes or at least transfer them from one phone to the other! Can you fix it? Flawless

Nice n lil disappointing App is nice and working perfectly but little disappointing feature is its not playing audio files. Plz tell me if there any solution for that Brilliant

If i want to take another accounts information, how do i get rid of the previous name. Eg:- My barcode i scanned from ajays phone, now i dont want to see his chats now i want the new one how to switch into another one. Well done!!

Offline issue Can't check out the messages when my cousin is offline. That's why I am giving it 3 star , otherwise it's a 5 star app. Please reply how can I check out his messages when he is offline. Please reply, It's important to me... Just wow

It's good No doubt it's working fully..But one single problem if I have to always switch on the main account holding phone with data service then what's the point of installing it on another device.please do fix this bug so that we can use it on another device without switching on the data service on the WhatsApp installed phone. Otherwise good job. Well done!!

Not gud not bad It wil ruin someones privacy. Only helpful for those who want to spy. Is there any settings we can save our QR code from those who try to scan in our absence and misuse on our behalf. Brilliant

The UI needs improvement. Works perfectly. The ads are annoyingly placed though. And the UI is a bit messy. Pretty good

Not working properly In my phone my net is working and since it is showing that please check ur connection Perfect

So far so good I have downloaded n instantly used using office wifi n it worked JUST FINE. N when i used the same on my data which is 3g internet it didnt pull up th barcode. So could u pls tell me that it needs wifi which has good net speed. N can i take a snapshot of th barcode n save it later place it in front of th friends phone to get it scanned. Does th barcode changes every time for th same watts app a/c. Waiting for ur reply... Thanks. Perfect

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