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Great app This app is working superb. I love this app. Just one thing. It is possible to view messages without Internet connection? Can you update this app so that can view messages without Internet connection? Thank you. Great job

Whatsapp web Its a small version of web and nice apps. Not show any notifications and easily work on can read messages and media. Go well

Automatic logout Whenever the update comes for the version the account gets automatically logout..please fix it n keep me logged in all the time!otherwise its good! Cool

Nice application but... Dear i like this application so much but sometimes advertise come continue on screen..and in this application u need to upgrade and add futures to see call log details coz i cant see video cll and voice the way nice application wow lol

It's really a very nice app It's working properly in my phone Moto is very simple to use. I think u should enjoy the app. Superb!

I am not able to scan Please help me how to scan do we need to download any software for it or just simple camera will work please help me Great!

I need help I really can not understand how to scan the QR Code. App is saying we need to scan the code from the second handset. But how.... Fabulous!

So love this I think this app is the best application , because it's really work so hacking like big hacker Great job

Confused Do I have to scan Everytime from my gf cellphone, for instance I had to restart my fone or close the app for awhile,,, do I have scan again or its just one time scan. Please guide me thru this Awesome

Need more improvements The network issue still there. Saying reconnecting even when both phone are on with 3g Perfect

Improvements needed This app can able to open only 1 account simultaneously. And we can't log out ok or can't remove the account from our phone until logging out from scanned phone. If those have done.. Then would 5*.. Perfect

privacy is this safe.i mean to say when i target any mobile.then targeted mobile all whatsapp msgs,pics.and videos i can see and download.but any third party for example company who created this app,can see or not this data.i mean to the whole data will store on my mobile.but if any other copy of this data can store in other place or app it possible app onwer can see our msgs pics and videos.pls answer Works great

Facing some issue On opening of this app, code is not generating, it is asking to select the browser and taking me somewhere else... please team help me generating the code in my cell. Please Fantastic

Okay Kindo Once the code is scan from other mobile again after few days it shows Scan the code.But, its diffy to scan the code all the time.Please fix this problem at once Flawless

Nice app But need to remove adds. There's lots of adds and I also want to use more than one account to see. Recommend

Can u say plz.. that Using other WhatsApp is illegal r legal? Is u r app have that rights r not? I'm not getting more accounts at a single time....can i know why code has been after every minute?... I think it have some bugs.. my mobile was hanging when I using this app... Will u please fix it ASAP.... Surprisingly

Sameer memon Inspire of full internet and wi fi network...the display continuously showing retrying...hence to be solve the same issue..plz look into it thanks Just wow

I love this app Hi I absolutely love this app but my only problem is this app doesn't notifies you when your number which you are keeping an eye on comes online and sends message to one unknown number.whenever these two numbers comes on line or send messages to each other it should Notifie of this happenes I Wl give you a 5 star rating Well done!!

Hackers den Keeps your eyes opened . Loads slow but still it's amazing ... Keep up upgrading.. thanks Pretty good

Ok I hv installed this app bt setting doesn't opn.. only ad shows on the top n rest page is can I open setting? Superb!

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