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I think its good but would have better if u will increase the speed takes too much time to open ..the voice mails are almost impossible for this app to open way too time for that too..if u will solve it ..i will give u 5 ..thanks Recommend

1 less star becoz their is no option for multi account so plz fix it in upcoming update Well done!!

Bhut he shandaar dhamakedar app hai dosto meri ankhe khol di es aap ne or kisi massom ko bhi bacha liya kuch galt hone se Bhut he shandaar dhamakedar app hai dosto meri ankhe khol di es aap ne or kisi massom ko bhi bacha liya kuch galt hone se Great!

hangs a lot This app is useful but have one prob in it that it hangs a lot.. starting 40 sec it works properly but after that's stuck.. I gave 3 cause it's a good app but pls do something about hanging.. Perfect!

Great app. But people can know the target phone is online by someone Can u hide online status when we run the apps? People can realise the phone not used but the whatspp is online. Please upgrade to hide the online status, because it will show the last recent. That's bad . Please do something. Thanks Well done!!

AMESOWE! Just got new gf yesterday, but she still hide something s from me.. And this app help a lot since she use wa very much.. One downright about this is when i type some text, the keyboard hide the text.. Otherwise AMESOWE!! Perfect!

Good app Good app its really works if u have any doubt about ur girlfriend then install thz app....u can get out from clumsy doubts Omg

App is good but what is this discussion about poor connectivity. Even I am.facing similar issues on WiFi. If I access any live TV it works without buffering...but here it shows connecting....and keeps retrying. Please update what can be done here. Superb!

Nice app Nice app ..but after somedays the data gets vanished automatically...or it disconnected ..i don't know what happened ...reply soon ..for how many days we can read other people chats. Must have

Please tell me how can i download videos imeges voice msge s please develop this application for that options..... I can see only images I couldn't hear ing voice msges ...&videos watching.... Well done!!

Hii If I delete this app Vill the account b backed up or Wat Plss help me regarding this Awesome

Showing Online even after closing the App Hi.. It's a pretty good the only backdrop is tht evn after closing the App, we can still see the person's whatsapp as online for nearly 10 mins. One or the other will be noticed by the person tht his whtzup is showing Online to others even if he turns off the data/wifi. Great job

Loading problems Sir.....can u please fix those bugs...i am using 4g then also its always shows "Retrying"(make sure ur Internet connection has active) itz loading again n again...itz not opening now.....i downloaded it on yesterday,that tym it was okk for 1 hour,after 1 hour from that tym till now itz showing retrying.....plz help me.....i need it.... Superb!

Audio received and sent cannot be played..pls fix this prblm and also provide the download option for images... please fix these issues as early as possible.... Getting logged out automatically..... Works perfectly

Very helpfull I like this app its very helpfull but cant access it....its start for only ones when ever I m going to see its showing me too retry wht to do....plz help Enjoy it!

Poor connectivity It doesn't open even in 4g network always shows trying to connect your phone and doesn't open even you wait for 5 minutes. If possible do something for debugging this problem otherwise I recommend all not to use this app. It is worthless. Fantastic

Good When I contact other Mobile then it is showing online to everyone... actually that user is offline. So someone can tell them...why you were online that time ? So They can know easily Thair is hacked...... Surprisingly

Initial full screen ads are prohibitive to the use of the app. Other than that it works ok. Takes a while to load old messages Great!

Best app I like dis app it will hack successfully but how can we take cel frm other n clik to whtzapp web it will give doubts on us. ..if we do anything wrong v cn easily GT thm n punish Fantastic

Very easy It is very easy to use and a user-friendly app but still having some issues like It removes your logging after sometime even if u ticked at 'stay logging' Superb!

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